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Support These 3 Bills … Or Live Like a Slave

It’s WORTH Calling

from Washington’s Blog:

Unless you are among the one-quarter of Americans who like being a  slave to government surveillance and unnecessary anti-terror laws like the Patriot Act that have gutted our freedom, you should call your Congress critters and demand they support Rush Holt’s “Surveillance State Repeal Act”.

And Alan Grayson’s “Mind Your Own Business Act” to stop NSA spying.

And unless you enjoy the drastically decreased prosperity caused by the big banks manipulating more and more of our economy, you should contact your designated pimp and demand that they support Elizabeth Warren and John McCain’s “21st Century Glass Steagall Act“.

These are the 3 most important bills in Congress right now, as their passage could reverse some of the main ills in our society today.

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1 comment to Support These 3 Bills … Or Live Like a Slave

  • Rodster

    You and everyone else would be wasting their time. The US Govt is operating as an Empire and as such all Empires protect their power and crush ALL dissenters. We saw the hand of the Empire in action against Snowden and Bradley. Even Russia backed down to some extent with Snowden. Thankfully cooler heads have prevailed in Russia.

    Last night the House voted to continue it’s surveillance program going. These guys don’t care what you or I think. They WILL do what they WANT. We saw it with Gay Marriage, we’re seeing it with Illegal Immigration. That’s how Empires operate until they collapse.

    The Empire is now considering a No-Fly zone in Syria to help Al-Qaeda at a cost of 1 Billion per month. Yes I know it’s insanity but that’s how Empires operate.

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