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Silver Update 7/15/13 Chinese Century

from Brotherjohnf:

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    Another informative session by Brother JohnF:

    ” China will lead the NWO and America had better get use to the idea” – George Soros

    > England lead the 19th century.
    > America lead the 20th century.
    > China to lead the 21st century. (Is there a pattern here?)
    > England has no Gold,America’s Gold is most likely gone(going,headed East)
    > JPM is selling PM Warehouses,JPM Gold accounts in deficit,JPM is accumulating Silver
    > Crimex Gold and Silver inventories declining.
    > GLD inventory declining.
    > Deutsche Bank openning a Gold Vault in China.
    > LBME sold to Chinese.
    > SME (Shanghai Metals Exchange)started trading Physical Bullion 07/05/13 and already volumn has exceeded all of 2012.
    > JPM Shorts are >90% closed.
    > JPM is Net Long Gold and Silver,a first since 2001.(What do they know?)
    > The BRICS Development Fund will trade their US Paper for Physical Gold & Silver.
    > The Petro Dollar is on the ropes and will be knocked out, sending the value/devaluation of the Dollar by 40-60%,which will result in a World Reset of the Gold and Silver prices by at least several multiples to start with.
    > WWIII is setting up to commence either prior to and/or during the realization of the above events.
    > The DHS is readied,along with agreements and Foreign troops on US Soil.
    > For America,the SHTF event is approaching and it will alter the lives of tens of millions,most likely for ever. Get Prepared!The Hand Righting Is On The Wall!

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