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SGT Report UNBOUND: Who is SGT? And: Alinsky, Lucifer & Spiritual Warfare

Tim Brown from the extremely popular alternative news website Freedom Outpost joins us to talk about, well, a lot. In this segment I take some time to address a few things. And for the record, if you STILL haven’t figured out who I am and what we stand for here, please find a different site for your news and information. Thanks! In Part 2: Spiritual warfare is alive and well.

  Part 1: Who Is SGT?

  Part 2: Alinsky, Lucifer & Spiritual Warfare
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98 comments to SGT Report UNBOUND: Who is SGT? And: Alinsky, Lucifer & Spiritual Warfare

  • Eric

    Good show Sean. You got courage my friend. However the deception goes much much deeper. Im sure this will get lots of angry comments from people consumed by their belief systems. They have deceived us through finance, politics and especially religion. Church is a business. They used to lock the doors until everyone paid their tithe. Satan is the devil not Lucifer. The bible is an important story but it’s not a book of historical facts and events. Its a story between good and evil. There have been 3 versions of the King James Bible and none of them have been translated accurately. Jordan covers some of that here…

    There are some interviews with Jordan and Jeff Rense too. Also everyone should check out Jay Parker, Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio who was in the video you posted earlier. The elite love to divide us every way they can. We should unite, not fight.

    Also, Thomas Jefferson referred to himself as simply a “deist.”. One who believes in a creator. Salvation lies within each one of us finding the Christ consciousness. We have been so deceived. The conspiracy is so huge. This is definitely spiritual warfare. It’s a battle for your body, your mind, and your soul.

    • Tom G.

      Eric- the Bible refers to the devil as “Satan” and “Lucifer.”

      The Bible is not just a “story.” It is an historical(you are wrong there) account of God’s redemptive plan for humankind. The historical record of God’s interaction with humanity starts with Adam and Eve (yes they were historical figures or all of Christianity comes crashing down) then through God’s interaction with the Jews, and finally through His Son Jesus Christ. This is how God has revealed Himself to humanity.

      We are not saved by “Christ consciousness.” That sounds like New Age thinking to me. We are saved by God’s grace which He demonstrated through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sin and then was literally/bodily resurrected from the dead. You can tap into God’s grace by placing your faith in what Christ did on the cross, period.

      To those you say there is another way I will tell you that Truth is exclusive. 2 + 2 does not equal 6. Gravity holds for everyone of us. Jesus said that He alone was the WAY to God. Jesus claimed to be the Truth. Jesus paid the price for our sin, that is why there is no other way.

      • Eric

        Like i said it is an important story and even the Greatest Story ever told. Just like the movie.

        The teachings of Jesus are very important but I find few Christians that study those and more that find going to church and just believing or having faith as the way to be saved. I believe in what i know and have fact checked and what can be proven with science. If you follow the teachings of a Jesus which I’m sure you do then yes he is the way. He is the truth and the light and the truth shall set you free as he said.

        But truth is not fact. The english language is not as old as Phoenician Canaanite spoken by Hebrews and the vowels are interchangeable. I would check out the Companion Bible which references the original Hebrew translation from Phoenician Canaanite. Also look at who king James was.

        There are no doubt a lot of disinfo agents out there promoting “New Age” thinking but if you ever study the stars and celestial objects, there are many many many references to the scriptures that correspond to ancient astronomy and astrotheology and we are actually entering a new age based on “the precession of the equinox” which has been ancient wisdom for thousands if not millions or billions of years.

        I’m not going to debate it with you Tom. You are entitled to your opinion and beliefs. I was raised and indoctrinated into one of the largest Lutheran churches in the nation and had a spiritual awakening after waking up to all the fed bs. But religion has successfully divided everyone. Just ask yourself did I learn all this for myself or was it taught to me? Isn’t that what they do with finance? Law? Politics? Television? Religion? It’s all programming!

      • GoodOleBoy

        First, that takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that Sean, kudos.

        I dont want to get into a religious argument here but there are some misconceptions. The bible is both historical and tells a story. The Council of Nicaea where the Bible was put together was itself called because of a disagreement in the doctrine of the Church. There where many disagreements on what books what should be included, some being chosen only for their ability to tell a coherent story. Many where left out including some of the most popular books being taught at that time. In these books there was a lot of conflicting information, like the idea of reincarnation and the non existence of hell to name a few. Most importantly of these is probably Enoch, which we know from historical records that Jesus himself read and taught to his followers.

        The Council itself, being a product of the state, was corrupt. Here they officially gave power to Pope and the Catholic Church. They almost certianly manipulated the scripture for their own benefit, though they couldnt stray to far or the people would realize.

        I am not condemning the Bible, I think that it has a lot of truth and is a great guide to live by. But I also believe that scriptures of all kind have been twisted in content and meaning to divide people along religious lines. I will not condemn some one because they call their God by another name, I can only judge them by their actions. I refuse to believe that a Buddhist monk who lives a life of peace from a child is condemned to an eternity in hell just because his geographic location when he was born. Atrocities have been done in the name God in all religions from Crusades to modern day Islamic terrorists. That doesnt mean a Crusader knights were bad or all Muslims are bad.

        All that to say there is only one commandment that anyone needs to follow, “love thy neighbor as thy self.” That does not divide people by race, religion, or by their past actions. Live by that rule and you will spend eternity Heaven with God by whatever name you call him.

      • Nate

        You speak the truth! Well said Tom G. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do.” Psalm 11:3

    • Frank Zak

      This is my website. It has over 1 1/2 million
      readers. It debunks Gurus. It is probably
      the most hit cult buster site.

      Elvis Presley used to belong to it and
      Shania Twain does now.

      Read U. G. Krishnamurti link.

      Although I am considered a top expert
      in yogas and gurus, my main concern
      is Ending the Fed right now.

      The Fed is the root of all evil.

      Make no mistake, you people are on
      the right track. Do not doubt yourselves.

      My pen name is M. W.

      I have caused these groups to loose hundreds
      of millions of dollars in revenue. They tried
      to kill me once by placing ball bearings
      in both my rear wheels. Instead my wife drove
      the car and the brakes went completely out
      going 65 miles an hour down the freeway.

      Luckily she coasted to a stop.

    • Tom G.

      Eric- I saw your reply to me below. Yes, I had you pegged correctly. You are a New Ager. Your reply did not give me “good vibrations.”

      If you can’t remember where you came from, then how do you know that you lived before?

      If we shouldn’t get our belief system from a book, then why did you suggest I should read a book that you read?

      If I should just rely on my feelings and stop thinking so much (according to you) then why do you attempt to make a case for your position (which involves reasoning, not feeling)?

      There are so many self-referential inconsistencies in New Age thinking it boggles the mind.

      My belief system is grounded in history and grounded in the person and work of Jesus Christ which is open to verification. Your seemingly nebulous belief(s) at the end of the day attempt to alleviate you of your accountability to the Creator. That way you can live according to your own lights. I’ll continue to stumble after (follow) Jesus the Messiah. Tom

  • Tom G.

    Sean- Thank you for letting us get to know you better. I’m sure everyone in this camp truly appreciates your candor.

    Tim- If you happen to visit the thread here I have a few questions, not challenges.

    Gary North is a good economist and I also referenced him in one or two of the papers I had to write while I was getting my M.A. I used his book entitled “Unholy Spirits” if memory serves. I will visit your website when I am done here but one of my questions is= do you believe in reconstructionism and postmillenialism as does Gary North? Because that is where I will part ways with you.

    Do you believe that the 10 commandments along with the other 630 (the Mosaic Law) or so should be re-instituted in some fashion in our society?

    Technically, as Christians we are no longer under The Law. I am sure if you are in Gary North’s camp you will disagree with that. But any arguments to the contrary are easily refuted by Scripture. Christ nailed the Law to the cross and has taken it out of the way. We are under grace now. Do I think following the 10 commandments is something that should be followed? Of course! But that is different than being justified before God by trying to follow them because mankind cannot follow them. They were put there as a “guardian” or “schoolmaster” to lead us to Christ. (Galatians)

    Rory- you are right that even Christians today just try to follow whatever they think is right in their own minds. This is because they have adopted a pragmatic view of truth instead of a correspondence theory of truth. I outline this in a book that I am writing that I hope to get published next year. The pragmatic view of truth is exemplified when people say- “it works for me.”

    Anyway, thank you guys for another great session. I will now go over to Tim’s website to see if I can get some of my questions answered.

    • Hey Tom,

      To be brief, I do hold to some of those things, which I think when we speak of implementing God’s law in society, we are putting forth what the New Testament calls “The perfect law of liberty.” Liberty comes, when just laws are upheld and the laws of God are perfect and just.

      I agree with you that as Christians we are “not under the law” and that the law is a schoolmaster to drive us to Christ. I won’t argue with you over that. Yet, what is sin? The New Testament tells us sin is transgression of the law. Which law? Well there is only one law:) Furthermore, the same law being advanced in the Ten Commandments is the same law Jesus put forward in the Sermon on the Mount, not a different law. So, understanding that, can you or I, as believers just run out and violate the Ten Commandments with clean conscience? I think not. In fact, the New Testament is clear that when we sin against one another we are to go through a process of reconciliation and if that is not effective, we take two or more witnesses to reconcile (comes form the OT) and then we take it to the assembly (or church) and then there is excommunication (Matt 18). God’s law no longer condemns believers, but is simply becomes the definition of what it is to love God and our fellow man. Jesus fulfilled that completely and we are called to follow in His footsteps:)

      Yet, when we speak of implementation of these thing in the civil sphere why do people get angry? In fact, under the law of God, there is much more protection for those charged with a crime than there is in the US Constitution! We seem ok with civil government dealing with murder, theft and lying (perjury, slander, libel), but we are not ok with them dealing with homosexuality (crimes against nature, something even our Founding fathers dealt with quite seriously (See:

      I realize that many miss the distinction between what saves and then the institution of the law in civil society, but one must do that. Even if the entire law of God was implemented (and we’re talking the moral law, not ceremonial and dietary and such), that does not change the hearts of men. It simply points out what is right and wrong and then allows for the civil magistrate to do what the New Testament says that he does as God’s minister; punish evil doers and reward those that do good (Rom 13). Hopefully that helps to explain things:) God bless.

      • Tom G.

        Tim- Thank you for your gracious reply. I have no doubt you understand Biblical salvation is through grace in Christ. Maybe you’ve heard of Tommy Reid who is pretty famous and runs a church in Orchard Park in the Buffalo area here. He is a very nice man and preaches the Gospel. I’ve have been to his church a few times back in the 80’s. I jut don’t buy dominion theology or postmillenialism. If Antichrist will set up his kingdom on earth and you folks are also trying to set up God’s physical/political kingdom on earth, this could get a little dangerous.

        We, as Chrisians must attempt to make disciples (bring people into God’s kingdom which right now is Spiritual). Only when Jesus comes back will He subsequently set up the Davidic kingdom.

        I want to thank you again for your gracious response. (I’ve got to run to work now.)


        • Tim


          No worries, I do like being challenged to think. I’ll just ask a couple of questions. First, where are we taught “anti-christ” will set up a kingdom on earth? Anti-christ is ONLY found in John’s epistle and John breaks down the fact that anti-christs already abounded in his day and they held to a doctrine, which made them anti-christs. To then translate anti-christ into another context, one would have to demonstrate something not found in any other context, in my opinion:)

          Second, I agree we must make disciples (not converts), but what are we to teach them? In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus said to teach them all He commanded. Did he teach them something that was apart from the law of God? If so, are you able to point out what was taught different?

          Finally, I have not heard of Mr. Reid, so can’t really comment on him.

          I appreciate the nature of your response as well and trust The Lord will guide us both by His Spirit and His Word. God bless.

          • Tom G.

            Hi Tim- Jesus talked about false Christs (peudochristoi) which is what the Antichrist (the son of Perdition will be). I know the word Antichrist was used only in IJohn but a proper hermeneutic means gathering all the evidence systematically and then developing a proper theology from that. For example, where do we come up with the notion of the Trinity? Answer= systematically.

            I don’t follow a preterist hermeneutic. North, from what I understand employs a literal hermeneutic for Genesis 1-2 but then abandons it in Revelation. I think Revelation 19 talks about Jesus coming back in the future literally. But there will be apostasy before He comes, not a kingdom of converted people. This is why Jesus warn his disciples about false Christs just as Paul does in II Thess.

            The whole reason Paul wrote the book of II Thess is because the church at Thessalonica thought they had missed the “catching up.” He said the abomination of desolation had to take place first where the son of perdition would claim to be God after desecrating the temple. Paul warned about the Day of the Lord in I Thess 5. Why would he need to do that if everything is going to be set up for His return? The Day of the LOrd as described in Joel 2 and other places matches exactly what Jesus described in Matt 24 and also is found in Rev. 6:12. These are all future events that did not take place in AD70. Why would Jesus need to warn of false Christs if His kingdom is already set up for Him before He returns?

            The thing that destroys postmillenialism is that there is definitely a chronology to Matt 24 and in Rev, because Jesus says in Matt 24 “then this (will happen) and “immediately after…” etc. It is amazing that “after the tribualtion of those days the sun will be darkened… etc, and we see the exact same chronology there in Matt 24 as we do where the seals are broken open in Rev 5 and 6. Take a close look at it sometime. (BTW what pre-tribbers often refer to as the “tribulation” is really Daniel’s 70th week and the tribulation should be distinguished from the Great tribulation which will be “cut short.” Also, we know that when Jesus was talking to the disciples about the generation that his “signs” would take place in He was referring to them as Christians, not Jews. Why? Because He says that when they (his disciples) would be delivered up “to tribulation” they would be hated by all nation “for his name’s sake.” Only Christians in the future (not unsaved Jews) could be persecuted for holding to Jesus’ name, so we know that Matt 24 cannot be addressed specifically to Jews, but rather to Christians.

            There is a chronology in Rev 19-22 and it allows no room for postmillenialism.

            Things are going to progressively get worse morally Tim, not better. YOu folks will not set up some type of theonomy. It just won’t happen. We are living in the same way as those in Noah’s day. The church age will end in apostasy before Jesus comes back.

            You are probably familiar with the probability that Noah’s family may have been the only true humans left which is why God had to destroy everyone else. My own personal belief is that with transhumanism becoming more problematic in the future God will once again finally have had enough. God doesn’t want people messing with the pinnacle of His creation= humans made in His image, and I think this is exactly what we have to look forward to in the future. People like Kurtzweil who think they can become God. I think the man of sin, the son of perdition may also be some type of “creature” (beast= golly,I noticed that word was used in REV) that will tell everyone that they can become God just like him. If everything has already taken place then where did the beast make eveyone take a mark on their foreheads or their hand? You can see that this is probably in our near future with the spychips.

            Tim, I’ve written enough to give you where I’m coming from. I’m a pre-wrather (what used to be called mid-trib) and a lot, and I mean a lot of Christians are waking up to this Scriptural possibility. This, however, does not lend any more credibility to my assertions. You are are right, may God grant us discernment in the end of the age.

            • Tom G.

              Tim (PS)- If you want to give me your e-mail address or give it to Mr. Turnbull (I’ll get it from him) then I can get a hold of you when I’ve had a chance to re-look into reconstructionism more thoroughly, probably sometime in the next 6 months. Or maybe a contact button on your site leads directly to you. I have no problem keeping in touch with brothers who I don’t agree with on everything but can edify each other and learn something from each other. Let me know.

              Take care Tim— Tom

            • GoodOleBoy

              I have a couple of questions here. If you believe in the generally accepted idea of the antichrist, why would we assume that now would be the time that this is beginning that time foretold in Revelation? I understand that we see things written are coming to pass but all throughout history we can find periods of time that match these scriptures. Take Rome for example, it was full of corruption, idols, and things like sodomy and molestation. The Christians then were not just talked about or made fun of, they were crucified or sent to die horribly in the arena. Im not arguing your interpretation of the Bible, even though it differs from mine, just from a historical perspective things have seen to have changed for the better. Sure we have evil and corrupt people trying to run things but there are a lot of people that are catching on to them. In the last hundred years we have eliminated state sponsored slavery, given equal voting rights to women, went to the moon, and many other things.

              So you believe that it is all down hill from here? So should we throw out any beliefs that our children can have a better life that we did or at least be happy?

              One more question that goes to how my beliefs differ from mainstream Christianity. What made the Western world so special that we are the only ones that will get to spend an eternity in heaven? The majority of the worlds population lives in Asia but most of them will be sent to hell just because where they were born they were not taught correctly. The same goes for all the small tribes all over the world from my Native American relatives to tribes in the deserts of Africa or the rain forests of South America. That does not seem fair or just to me, so is it just the luck of the draw?

              This is a serious question and I have yet to hear it answered to my satisfaction. Your knowledge of the bible seems thorough enough to provide an answer. I have studied a lot and have tried to take most preconcieved definitions out when reading the Bible. That resulted in a completely different interpretations of some of the most fundamental scriptures to the Christian faith. I still search for knowledge from anyone who can provide me with a different perspective though.

              • Tom G.

                GOB- I totally agree on the face of it, it seems unfair that if some tribe out in Africa doesn’t hear the Gospel (have a chance of accepting Christ) then they are doomed.

                Believe me, I am taking this just as serious as you are. I had questions too in my younger days that no one seemed to be able to answer and I strayed for awhile until I found the answers, then I came back because they satisfied me intellectually enough that they were the truth.

                Getting back to your question- It would only be unfair for the poor folks who never got a chance to hear IF we assume they would accept the Gospel once they heard it. That is a big assumption. Just look at our society. The vast majority of people have heard the Gospel but they are what I label, in my upcoming book, “practical atheists”- meaning that though most people in our country profess belief in God, most of them live their daily lives as if God is not there. Why should we think humans like us out in some far away tribe will be any different? They will probably reject the Gospel just like most in our country have. Secondly, if you were truly to embrace the Gospel yourself, would you then feel compelled to go share it with these folks? Probably not. Thus your question really may be an attempt to get yourself off the hook, not the poor people in Africa. IN other words, if it is not true that one needs to embrace the Gospel to get to heaven, then obviously you yourself wouldn’t need to accept it either and thus you could go on living you life accountable to no one. (I don’t know your heart, I’m purporting this last line of argument because I see this all the time over the years with people who have this question.) I think you are not being selfish, I think you are asking sincerely.

                Really, the only way it would be unfair would be for anyone who never had the chance to hear the Gospel and WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED IT HAD THEY
                HAD THE CHANCE TO HEAR IT would be the following- On judgement day they stand before Jesus and say “Lord, I would have accepted your sacrifice but I truly never knew about it.” Yes, I agree that would be unfair. But I also think these people represent the vast MINORITY. So how do we get around this problem of those who would have accepted but never heard. Answer- That will never happen.

                I think God is capable of knowing who will receive the Gospel if they had the chance, and He will certainly get the message to those people. There are tons of missionary stories of people embracing Christ by some miracle of missionaries being led to these people. But why worry about these folks just yet. You are not going to be able to help them if you yourself haven’t embraced Christ. So why do you care about them so much? In your case I believe you truly are struggling with this issue, you are not trying to get yourself off the hook. Just remember, there will be many who will stand before Christ and try to tell HIm that they would have accepted HIm had they heard, but He knows their hearts. Thus, it doesn’t matter if they would have ever heard because they would have rejected Him anyway.

                Just to show you that I have a heart. I do not believe in Calvinism and the idiotic supralapsarianism which Calvin’s disciple Beza promoted. Supralapsarianism boils down to God predestining people to heaven and others to hell. In other words, God is the EFFICIENT cause of where we all end up. I think it is a despicable doctrine and I wouldn’t want to serve that kind of God. Perhaps that is why one of the posters above (maybe it was you, I’d have to check)left the Lutheran faith. Luther believed in double predestination- in other words, God predestines some to heaven, but He then predestines all the rest to hell. I don’t buy that.

                As far as today goes, no, I am not sure we are in the very last of the Last DAys. But with Israel reforming as a nation we are now getting closer to being able to see the possibility of some of the prophecies in Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation coming to pass. I totally agree with you that every generation could have made a case in their own eyes on why they were in the Last DAys. I promised myself 25 years ago that I wouldn’t make that mistake. But you’ve got to admit, when you see passages like having to take a mark in order to buy or sell (Rev 13) and you see we are heading for these implanted verichips, it does seem rather non-coincidental.

                I think as each generation passes in our country we are getting further and further away from the God of the Bible. This is one of the theses in my book. The consequences of this is that Christianity, as I show in many chapters, is losing its authority in our culture. That is a no-brainer. So yes, I think we are becoming more morally decadent each decade which I show in book. I have over a 1000 endnotes already for 9 chapters.

                GOB- I am an apologist for the Christian worldview because it is the truth. Believe me, I have struggled, and struggled with many of the same issues you have. Nothing provides the answers to who we are, why we are here, and why we die, as satisfactorily with THE FEWEST DIFFICULTIES as the Christian world and life view.

                Hope this helps in some way. Tom

                • Eric

                  Tom- exactly which one of the 40,000 Christian denominations is the absolute truth?

                  There is no definitive book that will tell you who you are or why you are here. Every soul needs to discover that for themselves. We all make a plan before we come here but as soon as we come here, we forget everything. Many are waking up to the fact that they ARE a soul with a body and not just a body that has a soul. In essence, each one of us is pure energy, pure consciousness. And energy can never be destroyed. It can only change form.

                  Many of us have come back to this planet at this time on a mission. When you realize that everything in the Universe is made up of energy, atoms and molecules vibrating at different frequencies, it is possible to discover the real you and why you are here.

                  As far as death goes… well there is no death really. Your body will die eventually, but your mind is different from your brain. Your body is a vessel for your soul to interact with in this dimension or reality. It is important to understand how the 12 systems of the body function. Nervous system, Cardio Vascular system, skeletal system…. my point is your body is important but it’s not who you really are.
                  One book that has helped me a lot is “Journey of Souls” and also just reading about all the near death experiences that many have had. Death is nothing to fear. We are only here for a short time and then we go home.

                • Eric

                  I should just add. The simplest way to discover “The Real You” is to stop thinking so much and start feeling more. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Just close your eyes, focus on your breathing and try not to think about anything.

              • Tom G.

                GOB- I posted a long answer to your questions about 40 mins ago and for some reason it said my post was waiting for moderation. I told Mr. T about it so it may be hours (until he gets my e-mail) before you get your answers. But I did answer you.


  • John

    I agree with many of the issues you’ve come to discover. However, it does not matter what master you choose, you are still a slave. In regard to the banks; they are seen as criminal and thus ungodly. However, how many religions are ungodly? Ponder that one. The founding fathers of this nation certainly pondered the rationales of dictators and deities. Many chose to serve neither. The earth was flat at one time according to the bible and it even rest upon pillars. And, who were these ‘others’ Cain intermixed with after he was thrown out of the garden of eden when their were supposedly only 3 people in existence at that moment (Able having been slain by Cain)?

    What has proven to be true through out the ages is man has a narcissist gene that leads to megalomania within rulers and bullying at lower levels in society. One could say its what separates the alphas from the rest of mankind. Any way you view it, the end result is this narcissism is the seed of greed and corruption. Solve that dysfunction and you solve many of the problems in societies, IMO.

    Anyway, good informative website.

  • mac

    play your religious game, divde and rule…

    BUT Zero Hedge is not really trustable, I think.

    ZH – they are not what you may think! Watch out.

  • Antony

    Hey Sean, great to hear some of your background! Your life sounds like a great journey! All the liberty minded people you get to meet and talk with…what a great blessing! There are many good men, a lot more than I thought! I am grateful for this site and all the information that is provided. When or if I return to the United States I definitely want to get involved, wherever I may end up in the USA. I am just a normal man, working for the U.S. Government…at a low level. On one hand I can see the benefits of having good foreign relations and establishing ties with our allies, but on the other hand it has gone too far in getting involved politically. Basically we should just keep it simple, like Ron Paul has said all along 🙂 We would be much better off as a nation. The “empire” aspects must be eliminated. Just be friends, establish fair trade, promote tourism, etc.

    Also on another note…in my opinion Christians should be libertarians…that’s another topic of discussion! 🙂 Keep up the great work! I truly appreciate you and your team and all your guests.

  • Old Phart

    Ah…the Council of Nicosea. Yes. I was told by someone who really studied that matter that The Lost Books of the Bible (some of them) were tossed out at that conclave, and lost status by one measly vote. Wow.

    I stumbled upon the Lost Books in a serendipitous manner. As a serious student of the Bible for 40 years (groping and grasping my way in that direction after prior years of searching and comparing/contrasting some of the world’s religions) I was out in the blackberry patch fighting briars and chiggers, and doing my self-ruminating…thinking on the Book of Genesis.

    As I have long said there ARE places in Genesis – odd holes – Big Enough To Drive A Mack Truck Through. Sometimes “whiffy references” that seemed to beg a backstory upon which to hang ’em to make sense. That day I was thinking about the Creator’s relationship with Adam, and the altercation between the Creator after Cain had slew Abel and the Creator appears to give him what-for and a good comeuppance as Cain gets kind of smart-assy about it all.

    The Creator reads the youth the riot act, basically saying your father was always a liar and a murderer, blah, blah. HUH??? Piqued my curiosity. The Creator was disappointed in Adam, yes, but he’d never badmouthed Adam in that manner. I left the blackberry patch to do a search engine about the paternity of Cain. I about fell off my chair at all I discovered, and how it made sense.

    Everyone yaps and blathers about An Apple. Beh! Fact IS in scripture there is “knowledge” and it addresses the carnal KNOWLEDGE between men/women. If one gets away from a blamefool Granny Smith Apple Idea…and goes with the “knowledge” of sexuality…ah..that opens the Pandora’s Box of the Adam/Eve/Satan interlude.

    In Genesis, even tiny half-sentence phrases take on new meaning…intricately addressed by wise and studied theologians who have made it their lives work and speak and read the Ancient Languages. Satan introduced Eve to sex, and she in turn introduced Adam. (Lookie, honey, what I just learned!!!!) And there are those who believe that homosexuality also entered into it in the Garden with a menage a tois and Adam got buggered for his taking part.

    Later on when Eve gives birth, careful reading of that passage she talks about getting one son from God and the other from her husband. Most assess a Gap In Time to her bearing children. Others maintain that no, she actually born twins. She conceived twice during The Fall in the Garden of Eden…as actually happens to women in modern times when they are intimate with two men, in close proximity, and do what is a double-ovulation/double conception, and twins by two fathers. Not double-ovulation fertilized by one parent for fraternal twins, nor the quickie conception of identical twins, two sperm lucking out with one ova.

    The birth of Seth solidifies a lot as a form of a renewed beginning.

    Reading Books 1 & 2 of Adam and Eve is tremendous history and underpins Genesis in the misery of Adam and Eve, how Satan tried seriously and regularly to kill them after they were banished from the Garden.

    Lest people think I’m just a mouthy whackadoo, be advized that I spent thirty years IN the field of Christian Publishing, had books that at one time were Main Selection offering with a now defunct book club, and wrote extensively under my name and a pen name as well. Back in the 1980s-90s I used to wearily sigh, in dealing with Christian Publishers (and even published a magazine in that realm), “Oh, give me a heathen any ol’ day; at least with a heathen ya know where you stand.” And later on I sniggered, “Publishers probably taught The Banksters How It Was Done.”

    For those with the courage, READ the Lost Books: Adam and Eve books 1 & 2, and Book of Enoch, Book of Jasher, etc.

    There are Two Lines, and belatedly and after some self-scoffing about it in the past, now I can actually see where that Reptilian Theory comes from…and WHY globally the same family lines come into power – as inbred as barn cats – and focusing on their lineage.

    Ye MUST be Born Again…

    • Good Ole Boy

      Interesting. I think it is awesome to discuss different interpretations of these texts rather than the most commonly accept ones. The problem is that most religious people have ingrained beliefs when it comes to this subject and to challenge one of those beliefs is to challenge all of them. When we talk about Genisses and the Garden of Eden, the Bible itself insinuates things that are contrary to popular belief. One example is when Cain was punished and sent into another land where he mingled with the people of that land. Similarly, other children were sent into different lands amoung different people. This suggest that people already existed on the earth and that Adam and Eve eerie not the first. I have an interesting theory here. The OT deals a lot with genetics, the most famous being Noah and how the earth was “corrupted.” I think Adam and Eve were not the first on earth but rather represent some type of genetic change that was fundamental to our very being. I also think that before the great flood there was giants, chimera, and other creatures from legend that were wiped out, but that is another topic.

      I would point anyone interested in this line of thinking to Edgar Cayce. He was passionate about the Bible and Jesus, usually referring to both when giving advice. He had a way of interpreting the scripture that completely challenged the commonly accepted interpretation and he did it without mixing the words around or stretching definitions. Regardless of your feelings about the man, his point of view is fascinating. It completely changed my view regarding religion, history, and science. He suggested the pyramids were 10,000 years old and men were a lot older long before anyone had any evidencing supporting that idea. He also suggested the universe was a lot bigger than they thought at the time, calling earth an “atom in a universe of worlds.” Interestingly, he also spoke about aliens long before Roswell, even naming some of the races. Other ideas include frequencies, holistic healing, and string theory, all way of his time.

      I’ll leave you a quote on religion. I’m going on memory so it might not be exactly correct.

      “Religion is like corn. People all over the world farm corn, though it not the exact same type of corn and they don’t farm it the exact same way. That is how it is with religion. Just as the corn provides them with nourishment for their physical bodies, religion provides them with nourishment for their spiritual bodies.”

      • Eric

        Corn makes you fat ;). Edgar Cayce was very interesting. Did you ever read or hear anything from David Wilcock or Graham Hancock? The book of Enoch and the Apocrypha are definitely worth looking into. Yes their “ingrained beliefs” are exactly what holds them back. I’m going to simply just direct everyone here and hope some will dive in with an open mind…

          • Well obviously I haven’t done any HTML programming for quite some time 😉 What I meant to say was this:

            Santos Bonacci? Are you serious? Take a look at this video at the 4:30 mark. That sounds like transhumanism to me. And what about this one. Is he even sane?

            • Eric

              Yep. More sane than most.

              Like I’ve said, if you have an open mind (which is the key but most people don’t) and read ALOT of books like he has, or I have, and study the Universe and the Stars, history, the body, and everything that is out there, you can find salvation. Like Jesus said, The truth shall set you free.

              If you believe or just have faith in something that was taught to you, and you let them program the subconscious of the mind (alpha waves) by exposing yourself to tell a vision and EMF radiation, chemtrails, food with no nutrition but high in fertilizers, throughout your entire life, you might not know how to connect the dots and save yourself.

              I can’t say much more. Everyone needs to start thinking for themselves. This is a battle of consciousness.

  • Mother Patriot

    Nice to meet you Mr. Turnbull.
    God Bless you and your family.
    Mother Patriot

  • Mike

    I find it odd that we can openly discuss how much of Christendom has been obviously corrupted without extending that courtesy to Muslims. I know a lot of good Muslims that are just like us. They want to live their life and be left alone. Just like us, it is there leadership that corrupts their faith. It is just another example of divide and conquer. We shouldn’t fall for it.

    They believe in the God of Abraham just like Christians do. We argue about who the last prophet was. Both of our religious texts have been used to justify countless atrocities. They are largely a people of faith that believe their rights come from the Father as apposed to government. We should be building bridges to their community. Not labeling them the enemy.

    Just for emphasis: Their doctrine says to push Christians to the sea, but who is bombing the S**t out of who right now?

  • Charlie

    I often wonder why so many people feel compelled to use religion, any religion to build a consensus to define decency and civility.

    Are you all able to see that religion is simply Social Engineering at its best? You all keep repeating talking points you have been told!

    It’s a fallacy that to be a kind human being you need any religion, YOU SIMPLY DONT!

    Keep arguing about it while they laugh at us, for all we know is what they WANT US to know in school and the system we have been raised in. Even our parents have been brainwashed, so repeating what we have been told all of your lives, will not allow us to break free from the little cage/matrix we have been placed in.

    Even Christianity used to be a pagan belief, before the Vatican decided to take it over and become the official broker to talk to god, what a joke and shame on us for allowing these clowns to preserve such pathetic scam for so many years.
    For FREEDOM to arrive, we must follow break the chains of brain-washing and social engineering.

    If my comments upset you, it isn’t me but rather your enormous and well trained ego blinding you, for we have been programmed to reject obvious truth, regardless of how much proof is provided. My dear friends this is SOCIAL ENGINEERING 101.

    Religion has totally corrupted our faith. Believe what you want to believe, for no one should care whether is Jesus or Mickey Mouse, just don’t allow yourself to think for a second that any religion or cult is required to be a decent person and to live in peace and harmony, for I assure you, it isn’t.

    I believe in God and that has nothing to do with how I carry myself every day. I don’t believe on anything that is a man construct, because early in history the system was hijacked with greed.

    Whether one bible version says this or another version says that, how is that relevant on how you behave as a human being? Are we so weak and coward that need a book to tell us WHO TO BE? Of course not, we are powerful and loving human beings if we only allow ourselves to be who we really are.

    Please reflect on this and make an effort to think for yourselves and for once, stop repeating other people’s talking points, while they laugh at us.


    • aa

      Bravo Tom G. Eric says the Bible is a nice fairy tale that can give you some false hope and warm fuzzies, because that’s all it is if Christ be not Risen. And yes the Bible’s history is accurate- volumes have been written on this subject alone. Only a fool would stake their life and eternal destiny on a book of lies and made up stories which is exactly what Eric suggests, in a polite way, of course. If Christ is not who he said he is(God in the flesh) and the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and the only way to heaven-Acts 4:12, John 14:6 to name a few, then he is as C.S. Lewis suggested the biggest deceiver in history or a madman or worse. People who talk the new age and christ consciousness drivel do not know the Bible and do not want to know the truth because it gets in the way of their lifestyle.

      • Tom G.

        aa- +1 for both replies.

        I like your use of C.S. Lewis. Yes, his famous trilemma is impossible to wiggle one’s way out of. Only history will prove who is correct. Our Living, Active, God has perforated our history in Jesus Christ and will perforate our history once again when Christ returns. I’m “all in” on Jesus Christ, the Lord of history, and the soon-coming Conquering King.

        “For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” Heb. 4:12-13

      • Eric

        I never said it was a fairy tale. Find the Christ within you. WE are God’s Army.

        • Glitter 1

          What you espouse(whether you’re aware or not) is Blavatsky’s Theosophy,Yup,you need to read The Secret Doctrine.

          • Eric

            Well aware of it. And the Rockefeller funded Lucis trust. What about it? What I “espouse” is astronomy, astrology, sacred geometry, pure math, the wisdom of the ancients, and science.

            Geeez no wonder the elite laugh at how stupid we are. Everyone has a second grade education.

            • Glitter 1

              If you are well aware of it,in contrast to what.This knowledge from the Mysteries are the Devil’s devices/distractions from Babylon.A worship of the creation and not the creator.Believe it or not,the Creator of all things prefers individuals with a 2nd grade education or less over those that through arrogance and pride think they know much and really know nothing.1611 KJV Authorized Version,it’s in there.

              2Ti 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

              • Eric

                Did you have a conversation with the Creator? What color was his eyes? You believe whatever you want Glitter. This is pointless. I think I’ve done all I can do here at SGTreport. Trying to wake people up is literally like trying to empty the Pacific with a paper cup. I’m sorry you find my comments arrogant and think I know nothing but ignorance is bliss as they say.

                I have no desire to debate anyone or religious fundamentalists. Nor do I wish to discuss the KJV of the bible as if it is the written word of a deity. Authorized version by whom? Don’t bother answering.

                There is ancient knowledge in front of everyone but they refuse to look. I’m sure with all the different “Christian” religions and all the other religions of the world, that one of them must be the absolute truth. It couldn’t ever possibly be used to divide anyone.

                The word “Satan” comes from the Hebrew “ha-Satan” meaning the opposer or adversary. I’m sure everyone is aware of of the c’est que vie trusts created by the Church of Rome that own your body and your property, and how you find the “devil’s advocate” when you go to court. Either you believe you are your body and have a soul, or you KNOW who you are, a soul with a human body. Too many still believe they are their name, job, religion, role, body, etc. and as Gerald Celente says, “until everyone finds the human spirit within them to be the best they can be, nothing will change.”

                Sean-Appreciate everything you do. Keep doing what you do best. Best of luck to everyone.

                • Chalie

                  Great comment Eric!

                  Rest assured you are not alone and don’t waste your energy with brainwashed people. This explains our current state of affairs.

                  Such PRICELESS words say it all:

                  “Creator of all things prefers individuals with a 2nd grade education or less over those that through arrogance and pride think they know much and really know nothing.”

                  Who knew? You must be dumb and illiterate to be enlightened…LOL


      • Eric

        aa- my lifestyle is just fine. I read the Bible all the time including the Apocrypha, the Gnostic bible, the book of Enoch, the KJV, etc. Those that came to the new world used the Geneva Bible. All I’ve been saying is words have meaning. Until you study the words and where they come from, you will never know their meaning.

    • aa

      Charlie your comment that it doesn’t matter if you trust in Jesus Christ or mickey mouse would be laughable if it wasn’t so absurd and tragic. Good luck with that on Judgement Day. For it’s reality see Acts 17:30 and Rev 20:11-15. And yes you will be there whether you believe it or not.

      • Charlie

        Sure aa but at least I make my own sentences, as supposed to using someone else’s words to support my position, like a Fox News comentator, repeating his talking points.

        If you think those words you so eagerly quote, have not been twisted by religion to control the masses, I have a wonderful bridge to sell to you…


  • Jacobson

    SGT & readers ,
    I promised Il’l leave but I must comment to this one !

    First of all , I want to thank you SGT for your great work !
    It is nice to hear from you how the ten commandments are the root of liberty ,
    and how the american founding fathers took their ideas from the jewish book (Torah) .
    When you spoke about Jesus , in what temple was he ? Was he in the jewish temple ? where jews are not allowed to pray today and being arrested for that ?
    As an Israeli jew , I can tell that most of the rabbis , preach for liberty , they speak about the corrupt banking system , the criminal elite and toxic food ,
    My friend recently had his newborn son and the rabbi gave him 5 ounce of silver as the jewish rule says .
    That’s how I woke up , when I was 13 , I realized how evil the system is , I couldn’t explain how it is happening and that’s why I started reading here and in another websites .
    And then all those jew haters started bashing me with all this “khazar” and “satanist jews” – so I left .
    Last week a famous rabbi went to my area so I participated in his lesson ,
    He stood there with tears in his eyes and screamed :”Tell you family to leave U.S – It is going down , don’t waste your time and save them . Do not invest even ONE dollar in their economy it is all an illusion”
    I stood and blessed him , I kissed his hand and thanked him for helping waking up people .
    There is a huge struggle right now in Israel between the jewish laws and the state laws and from what I see , people are loosing their faith in the state laws .

    About Omamba ,
    Why is it matter if he is a christian or a muslim ?
    He went to Eygpt to support the muslim brotherhood and we see how he ruined this place .
    HE ALSO KNELT in front of the Saudi king .
    His biograpgy called “dreams of my FATHER” – how was his father ?
    And what would the anti jewish forces in this website , who said BO is a jew would say now ?

    I really want to hear what you have to say about zionism ,
    Personally I think that even without zionism U.S is going into depression ,
    It is just a way for people to tackle what they can’t – Kind of denial .
    Il’l say again that most of Israelis will say “I’m zionist” when what they mean is “I’m patriot” .

    PLEASE , Waldo , Knotoomuch and the other jew haters , don’t comment this message with your “satanist jews” “holohoax” and your copy paste crap .
    I know who you really are after reading in your websites .

    From the hills of Jerusalem ,
    Praying for peace ,
    Jacobson .

    • aa

      Jacobson I enjoyed reading your comments. I can see you people in Israel have the same issues with the banksters and elites that we do. Your famous rabbi is right about America going down. I do not see anything short of a direct act of God that will stop it. And since the majority of Americans increasingly reject the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ and continue to place the worst of men into positions of power I do not think we can expect God to rescue America. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn wrote a compelling book called the Harbinger comparing Ancient Israel to today’s America. He compares the rebellions of ancient Israel to the rebellious America.

      • Jacobson

        Hi aa ,
        Yeah we have the same issues , same problems .
        And people think the israelis make a profit from the “zionist banking system” like the rothchilds etc .
        We suffer more than any other nation .

        Sounds like an intersting book , Il’l try to find it in hebrew version .
        Thanks !

  • TomChe

    Thanks for sharing with us who really is SGT. Millions of Americans, including myself, owe you praise and respect for being a true patriot and for helping us all understand the evil that stands opposed to us, freedom and liberty.
    Thanks Sean.
    Stay healthy, stay strong and keep up the outstanding work in the name of all that is good and decent in this world…

  • The Truth

    SGT thanks again for sharing this wonderful broadcast. I guess the S.G.T could also mean Sharing Good Truth! As far as Obama goes, if he is not the devil himself he surely does seem to have his characteristics. Maybe his son or something. Messiah said “Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”. There is nothing that this man has done and Bush before him that has any sort of truth to it. His actions and his words are totally different. He is the actual meaning of a double minded man. He is definately unstable in all his ways!

  • The Truth

    Here is a thought on the 10 commandments. Messiah said if one on the law is broken then you have really broken all. So if in Ex 20 it is specific about the Sabbath being the 7th day, why is it that man keeps their Sabbath on the 1st day(Sunday or sunrise worship)? When people begin to see this for what it is, we will understand why America and the rest of the world is being judged right now. It is because they serve another god(money), not the God of the Bible. Even on the currency it is written “In God we trust”. God would never allow a dishonest weight of measure(Fiat Currency) to be his money. For unjust weights and measures are an abomination to God. So let’s restate that “In corrupt Fiat currency we trust”. This is the god America leaders trust in(the Almighty dollar) and it is printed out o thin air. We all can speak about following our Creators laws, but the real is not even the Christians are following the law. For Almighty himself rested on the Sabbath day, thus being Lord(Master)of the Sabbath! And please do not think for a moment I am speaking about 7th day Adventists. Even the name that people call Messiah is incorrect because if he was born Hebrew, how did he get a Greek name? It was prophesied his name should be called Immanuel in the book of Isiah 7, but his parents called his name Jesus? Why did John’s father not call him (John), Zacharias when the people called his son Zacharias? It is because Zacharias was already punished with being dumb when he did not believe, and obeyed afterwards and told them his son’s name is John. Ask anyone from a Spanish speaking country to pronounce the name Jesus. They will say “HeyZues”. If the name is tied to an image then it cannot be the name of real God according to Exodus 20(it is commanded that we not make any image of God). This whole church movement is the greatest PONZI scheme ever created. They even had to make sure the true name of Messiah was ommited so they could rob, steal, cheat, commit adultery and everything else in the name of their Jesus. Read the history of Zues empire and you will see that churches today are no different. Here is a question: If the church is the true house of God, why do they always have to be locked? Would the all powerful God not warn the thief not to distress his house? Hmmm!

  • Charlie

    Until Gregory 13th came around, we did not have the days of the week we know today and they are simply part of the fake Gregorian Calendar.

    This new calendar was simply imposed on the masses, to enslave us to work 6 days and worship what we were told on the seventh day (or else the fairy tale about going to hell, etc).

    From that moment on, they disconnected us from time and we started to see time, as a dimension outside and separated from us, instead of being part of us.

    Please make an effort to think for yourself, instead of using other words/quotes to justify your beliefs, for you may be surprised of what you discover.


  • Charlie

    Nothing wrong with questioning things but let’s not use a propadanda website (wikipedia) to be the sacred source of truth.

    Contrary to natural timekeeping, today through our use of the Julian/Gregorian calendar and all our technological advancements, we have lost our powerful connection with creation so much that we still do not fully understand our handicapped nature. Pacal Votan knew this was to occur and wrote of just a world in which we find ourselves today in the closing days of the Mayan 5th world age. More about the cause and effect later, but first we need to grasp the language of time, its cycles, and a prophetic mathematical message as conveyed by Pacal Votan.

    12:60 can be viewed as a direct reference to our artificially fabricated man-made 12 month calendar and mechanical, 60 minute hours which have led our world forward since Julius Cesar introduced this calendar in 46 BC. This calendar or more precisely, “clock” was the first machine and the basis for all machine technology to come. It seem fitting that this number, 1260 would blatantly appear in the time line of Pacal Votan as it identifies with the western world’s chosen date keeping method at the time the temple was constructed and the tombs discovery in 1952.

  • Hman

    Sean and team, you guys have the will of “Superman”, especially these days when the evil winds are blowing full force against you to prove you and alike are wrong.

    Those who know the facts will stay the course.

  • johns



    God Bless All of You.

  • Glitter 1

    That’s Sean for your candor,your efforts are greatly appreciated more than you can know.

  • Glitter 1

    Just a few comments I feel lead to make:

    > If you don’t know Church History,you will never understand where The Church Is.
    > The 10 Commandments(The Law) was to the Jew,same as the Oracle.The Law was to convict/show man his sin towards a Holy Righteous God,Atonement was through the Temple Preisthood sacrifices.
    > The shed Blood Of Christ on the Cross was the untimate/final blood sacrifice to forever atone for humanity’s sin,all that is required is for one to accept it by faith to rescue from the sting of death to obtain eternal life.
    > God’s Word tells us that Broad is the way that leads to death and destruction,many will enter therein.Narrow is the way that leads to everlasting life,many will not find it.This single most statement should drive many to seek and understand the difference between the two.
    > There is a “God Of This World” aka Lucifer,aka Satan that old serpent the devil.
    > Paul states that they are not ignorant of the devices of the Devil.One needs to understand what they are in order to avoid them and understand the adversary.
    > God said he would preserve his word,he has in the 1611 Authorised KJV.All of the New Bible Versions since 1889 are based on the currupt Wescott & Hort Greek Manuscript.The 1611 KJV is the only Bible that is/has benn constantly under attack and to have it removed.
    > Jesus said:Joh 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If Jesus is not a reality to you,know or understand who his is and what he has done,you are lost to eternity,regardless what you call youself or believe.
    > There are multitudes of individuals that have belonged/sat in churches for years or a life time that have never got the truth or truely believed in the truth.The scriptures are not understood as to their true meaning.Walking through the door of a church bldg no more makes a person a Christian any more than walking through a barn
    door makes a person a horse.
    > If one doesn’t ask God for True Wisdom and Direction you can not expect to receive either.
    > Heb 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
    > Either you believe The Book(God’s Living Word)as your final authority or you don’t.Philosophy and Opinion account for nothing in eternity.

  • Old Phart

    How refreshing to have such a generally civil and interesting discussion.

    I could set a spell with the posters, enjoy a cup of coffee, a beer (micro-brewery preferred) or a shot of sipping whiskey during what’d be a most educational and entertaining exchange of ideas.

    About a month and a half ago I began reading The Bible, start to finish, and due to having read some of The Lost Books, my eyeballs “perk up” the way never happened in the past. Especially when in an offhand-to-the-point-of-being-missed-previous…this time ‘round I really notice mentions of The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher when referenced.

    Someone mentioned DNA. Another spoke of other people on the planet. Adam was created with what we can logically assume was perfection in DNA, as was Eve who bootlegged. Somewhere in Books 1 & 2 of Adam and Eve as it goes into their travails in life after Banishment From The Garden (and there are many instances of God’s mercy and provisions, even as He cannot allow them back into Eden…) they were fruitful.

    They had sons, Cain and Abel, but also daughters. Back-story had it that part of the rancor between the sons was over…girls. Cain very much wanted the daughter promised to Able, the story goes. Back then, incest/inbreeding wasn’t verboten, due to dominant and recessive traits could cause problems.

    Quite fascinating is the back-story of when Adam died, he was buried in a cave, it was carefully tended, and when Noah was ready to cast-off in The Ark (a long time being built, BTW) they transported Adam’s bones and stowed them on The Ark to go along.

    The Old Testament is full of examples where the bones of important people were transported great distances for a final “resting place”.

    ‘Tis said “There’s nothing new under the sun”. The Nazi’s during WW2 were experimenting trying to integrate human and animal genomes. When one views artwork, famous pieces, and sees the half-man/half-animal renderings…those ideas…came from somewhere. Probably history. About a year ago I read where human female breast tissue was being placed in bovines (cattle) for (so they said at the time) making it better for feeding human children cow’s milk.

    Reading The Lost Books for back story makes it logical to draw the conclusion there was a major gap in time in Genesis between Adam and Eve and all that transpired, and a few chapters later, Abram (later renamed Abraham) setting off with his wife and nephew (with the men having a serious parting of ways over pasture/grazing rights for their flocks, which is a common enough problem in American history, LOL, those who raise sheep as opposed to cattle Out West.)

    Reading with a careful eye to the words used, and reading the commentaries of sharp people who’ve made it their life’s work and read and understand ancient dialects, TIME is an element, it seems, and with extended “gaps” in the narrative, but passed over in almost the blink of an eye, makes it possible to mentally reconcile Lost City of Atlantis, Pyramids, ancient structures in Mexico, etcetera. Scripture holds hints Time from God’s Point of View, and mankind’s’ differ. (A day as 1000 years, 1000 years as a day, etc.) Many believers admire and admonish how perfect God’s Timing IS.

    Years back I had the local library order in that historical tome by that Josephus fellow, quoted a lot about ancient cultures, and “wallowed” my way through that for cultural back-story and better understanding.

    I’ve rather come to conclude that life on this planet is like running an Obstacle Course, with the Evil One trying to trip and derail us. So it’s a matter of “running the good race” of Faith, and keeping our eyes on the One who makes our redemption possible.

    Bickering and badmouthing is a waste of time. Someone else posted about “love one another”. Yessirree! Where do WE get off zealously hating others of God’s Creation, people HE LOVES and would draw close to Him (too…)

    I richly appreciate ALL the commentary posted. I always have been especially fond of DESIDERTA and its philosophies about The Human Condition.

    And Jacobson, if you’ve waded through this, I’ve always relished your posts, friend.



    • Jacobson

      Hi fellow !
      I read your comment and learned new things and enjoyed !
      It is intersting to compare what you have read with other books and stories I learned that are not in the official biblical story (My english is not good enough to do it) .

      I guess that if you read the bible in 2 month , you are an intellectual & intelligent man =)

      God bless !

      • Hello, Jacobson!

        To clarify, I’m schlubbing my way through reading The Bible. I’m in the final chapters of Is. and about to crack into Jeremiah. It is NOT “speed reading” material, that is for sure.

        At age 63, this time around, reading a bit differently. Every word, digesting, even in books such as Numbers dealing with census, and other passages where it goes into every jot and tittle of Temple items, etcetera. It’s all there for a reason; good enough for me to wade through it – no “skimming” allowed this time through.

        So this time’s been a straight shot of reading and page-turning, although I will admit, my Gideon Bible (left behind in by an apartment-renter we once had, who must’ve heisted it from a hotel room or something, but a version I like) I have to pace myself with Psalms, about 5 per day. More straight-reading methods for Psalms and I discovered I slid into Wool-Gathering Mode. (I anticipate the same back and forth trick when I reach Proverbs, too.)

        I figure I have several more months left, because I plan to also slide over and read in the Catholic Bible (I liked what I saw of the Book of Sirach, for instance. Lot of wisdom there.)

        Sometimes, too, something will provoke my interest and curiosity, and I’ll slip the bookmark in place and go for the computer. Sort of like sitting in an airport terminal, people-watching and observing, as a hiatus before catching my “connection” and traveling on, so to speak.

        What’s neat for me is I learned my youngest child, a doctor, was, unbeknownst to me, also chugging through the Bible, an online version she listens to for her 30 mile commute (each way) to the clinic daily. That added a nice fillip to both of us, and some interesting discussions. She’s a couple of books ahead of where I’m at.

        I’ve always been a student of prophecy, was bedrock aware of it contained within Scripture, but this reading through way more than ever before.

        The Book of Esther, for instance. It absolutely blew me away, because the DETAILS in the Book of Esther perfectly foreshadow what took place at the Nuremberg Trials – right down to the very numbers involved as likened to sons of Haman. I think they refer to those many and varied scriptural inclusions that dovetail the long ago past and the quite recent “present” as Bible Codes.

        Here’s a compare/contrast link for you, if you’re interested, one of the most concise I found in a quick search-engine stint:

        Some of the prophetic places really grab my attention now, with power, to a degree never experienced in prior readings. The Destruction of Damascus. And how Egypt fits into the prophetic scheme of things (and Egypt is so much in the news today with the goings-on.)

        I’ve read somewhat widely, (for a rural hillbilly type) about The Middle East. Some of the books by John Hagee, Mark Hitchcock, Joel Richardson, etc. are well researched, thought out, and underpinned by scripture. Mr. Hagee first came to my attention when John McCain “threw him under the bus” and everyone was busy hating on that Texas preacher. As something of a lifelong contrarian, I decided that being the case, he probably had something worthwhile to say/consider, LOL. So I bought a book by him – then another and another. And in the vein of my admiration for DESIDERATA, I don’t have to be in mental lock-step on all issues with someone else to get serious take-away value from them sharing their views.

        Life Rolls On, and by the day, we humans can rack up experiences. Since retiring from publishing to a farm, and raising 200 head of sheep, even that factors in. Nowadays I understand a lot about “flocks” and their care. I’ve searched for Lost Lambs. I know My Sheep recognize our voices. Our sheep do, indeed, seek us out and want to be with us as we are out in the green pastures. About ½ the flock has been named by My Better Half, and they know their names and come when called. When I read Old Testament numbers of the SIZES of flocks those folks had (thousands!) it blows me away. The “feed my sheep” references strike home, too, for during the Drought of 2012 when pastures went down to nubbins, to pull them through, got out the Stihl chainsaw and cut down trees (from well-managed timberland, BTW) so they foraged on the foliage with the toppled timber used for firewood or destined for the Woodmizer sawmill we own.

        There’s some brilliant work out there, written and compiled by Rabbis, and one can see their hearts break on the page or in videos. In rereading The Bible I, too, have made the mental connection (on my own) that the path the US of A is now on…it IS very much like when Israel would wander away from G-D. Rebellion seems part of The Human Condition, not appreciating when you “have it good” and things go right (and not taking time to figure out WHY you are blessed…) so I am bootlegging a lot of compare/contrast between Ancient Israel and Modern America.

        Great chatting with you. You’d enjoy, I think, The Book of Jasher, especially, as a chronicle of Israel. Haggar was given to Sarah as a servant to make amends when ol’ Abraham fibbed and called her his sister and the Pharaoh had the hots for an already married woman. To make amends Sarah was showered with apology gifts, including the young slave girl. Therein happened Abraham’s impatience, with Sarah’s consent, and the birth of Ishmael followed later by Isaac. Sibling rivalry par excellence. Jasher REALLY goes into what a pain in the arse Ishmael was to his little half-brother and WHY Sarah finally blew her top.

        And therefore the World Class Sibling Rivalry that occurred in Abraham’s personal household continues on to this very day in the Middle East.

        I have a huge coffee table book, pictorials of Jerusalem, given my for my birthday by a publisher once. Time to get that out again and leaf through and study the pictures as more historical and visual foundation for current reading.

        Shalom, my friend. (In publishing with a lot of Jewish friends, I even picked up quite a bit of Yiddish, probably THE most expressive language on the planet).

        (You’d never guess from the lengths of my posts I’m a retired one-time novelist, would you, hahahaha!)

        • Jacobson

          Hi brother ,
          I really appreciate your consistency of reading in the book ,
          As my rabbi told me :”My age is 82 and everytime I read I learn something new about myself,the world and human nature”
          We have a “weekly bible portion” which we read a chapter and compare it to nowadays and the current affairs .

          Esther is a really intersting scroll , In hebrew “Esther” is “hidden” .
          It is fascinating you found a connection to Nuremberg trials , I never looked it that way , eventhough I know that the German people and Iranian people are both Aryans (“Iran” – “the land of aryans” in farsi language) and I saw a reference about the ‘agagite’ as figure that takes part through history (Haman , Hitler etc)

          The bible is full of prophecies , And I’m amazed time after time how they come true .
          “I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian—
          brother will fight against brother,
          neighbor against neighbor,
          city against city,
          kingdom against kingdom.”

          I recently learned about a prophecy which called “The ankels of massiah”
          I couldn’t find it english but Il’l try to translate it in simple language :

          “Before massiah days , insolence will rise , and expensiveness too .
          The grape will provide fruits but the wine is expensive .
          And the government will be against the faith , and there’s no rebuke .
          Parliaments will turn to be brothels ,
          The galil and the golan (north Israel) will be wilderness ,
          And the people of the border will turn from city to city without a rest .
          The wisdom of authors will transgress ,
          And the people will dislike the sin-fearing people .
          Juveniles will humiliate the old folks
          The enemy of a man will be his own family
          The face of the generation as the face of a dog
          And who can we trust ?
          Only god”

          • Jacobson

            I think it’s a good prophecy that shows how hyperinflation hit , the shallow morality and and hollow people .

            Just wanted to say shalom !
            God bless you,your family and the other good people out there in u.s ,
            I wish the good guys a good luck and may their voice will be louder than people who spread hatred .

            shalom , peace .

          • Old Phart

            Long ago a person told me I’d never “outgrow” Scripture. I agree with your Rabbi! One of my goals in life IS to “learn something new every day”.

            The prophecy you mentioned is very interesting. I have a hunch it’s going to be hard to search engine it, but I will try. Some seems in the fulfillment process already…destined to get worse.

            Grape provide fruit – but expensive (GMO? Lack of bees for pollination? Our hives died.)

            Govt against faith.Yep! Become brothels. Yes, just like someone going to a whorehouse, flash the cash and ruling entities “service” select clientele like courtesans…merely “screw” the rest of us in a different manner, LOL.

            Already some despise sin-fearing/God-fearing peoples. And The Truth is absent; lies PREFERRED by many, and they’re given over to their delusions.

            Juveniles humiliate old folks. Yes. No more “Respect Your Elders”. Facebook has done a lot to disintegrate family and friendships, IMO.

            Blessings and peace to you and yours, too. Shalom!

  • prestodo

    Can’t agree with your guest about the 501C(3) issue. Many churches opt to incorporate because a corporation is a legal entity that reduces overall liability. Unfortunately we live in the most litigious society on the earth with there being 33 lawyers per 1,000 people in our country. Even though there may be restrictions on what can be said from the pulpit or the 501C(3) status is jeopardized, the fundamentals of Christianity can still be effectively taught without going into politics. In reality, we’re just living through a time when history is repeating itself. There is nothing new under the Sun that hasn’t been done before.

    • prestodo, i think you make my point when you talk about restrictions to speech from the pulpit. When is the Church to be silent because government says so? Peter and John knew nothing of that, but declared they would obey God rather than men.

      As for reducing overall liability, that is a farce as well. Ever heard of Enron? Didn’t spare those guys from being taken to task. Again, reading articles of incorporation is really quite clear: the Church becomes a creation of the State. That should send chills down every Christians spine who believe the Church is not a creation of the State, but a product of the Lord Jesus’ work.

      I agree nothing is new under the sun:) and as such it was the early Christians who would not go along with the Romans in that sense. There was only “Jesus is Lord” not “Caesar is Lord.” For that they were cruelly murdered.

      • prestodo

        Tim Brown, I think your point is moot, because it is God that allows for the creation of the state by men and women in order to provide basic protections of life, liberty, and property, and it is also God who allows those same men and women the chance to change their conditions in this life if and when they see fit for any reason. And yes, filing articles of incorporation does actually protect against civil liability. How many churches today would not be in existence after having been sued by somebody who slipped and fell on church property had they not been incorporated??? The Lord also said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s, did He not??? Even Peter and Paul stopped speaking in certain regions when they were rejected, so did the Savior. Real Christians realize that they cannot force their religion onto others, they must lead by example. I don’t believe that the Church of Jesus Christ was ever meant to be used as a political tool, Jesus Himself has said so. After all, look what happened to the church when Constantine took it over and politicized it, there came the great apostasy where pagan rituals were mixed in with Christian practices and became known as the Catholic or Universal Church.

  • Brian B.

    Great interview,but ummm Freedom Outpost is a Neocon ass rag,I will admit the articles I see that are half way decent are from Tim Brown.
    That website stands neither for freedom nor liberty,it’s a bunch of washed up Neocon writers,maaaaybe save Brown.

    • Judah-Dan

      The first thing that caught my eye when I visited the website was the picture of the serpent. Isn’t it a little strange for a website that claim to be “christian” to have a serpent as part of its logo? And what about the “Don’t tread on us” thing? I thought bruising the serpent’s head was supposed to be a good thing. Isn’t it obvious that it is Jesus Christ who is going to crush the serpent and his seed at his second coming?

  • Jim

    Great post Sean, we are truly engaged in spiritual warfare and the stakes are beyond Satan’s domination of worldly kingdoms, they are for our very souls. Here’s a youtube clip I recently made that gives background to this battle and approaching climax of world history that we collectively face. The time is now for everybody to get your spiritual house in order.


    • Superb video! Well worth the eleven minutes and five seconds view time. The images and editing are exquisite.

      Yes. Make the correct choice in whom one follows in this world. And DO “take up the armor”. ALL OF IT.

      People better learn now the power IN vocally rebuking demons in Christ’s Name (we have no power without drawing on Him/His authority). And also, IMO, the power taken via application of Annointing Oils to reclaim/sanctify for God. I used to think people who talked about casting out demons were delusional. But….

      I learned that stuff personally back in the mid-nineties when under attack, on a personal level, while writing a book exposing the darkness of the occult. It was like being trapped in a horror novel. With what’s ahead we’re going to need that Believer’s Authority in Our Redeemer in coming days. Ability to tell a mountain to move – and in faith…it WILL.

      Thanks for your wonderful video. May it bless many!

    • Glitter 1

      I enjoyed your video and the quality of it.The only comment is that I’m a 1611 Authorized KJV Version Only.It is my firm belief that it’s God’s final translation to the English speaking world.All of the New Bible Versions use the corrupt Wescott & Hort Greek Text that omits many words and phrases from the Original Texus Receptus.

    • Tom G.

      Tim- I also enjoyed the video. Really nicely done.

  • Old Phart

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Folks, WE WERE WARNED on April 23, 2008 when Rev. Jeremiah Wright “owned” the Press Club. I grew up in the United Church of Christ as a child 50 years ago, but moved on. I’d have been comfortable sitting on a pew in Rev. Wright’s church.

    Anyway, I was in Louisville, KY for a few weeks’ time when it was covered on major networks. L’ville, IMO, is one of the best cities going for race relations. It’s a truly friendly place. I enjoyed discussing this current event with black folks I knew and some I just randomly bumped into in public places to get their views of it all.

    In watching the Press Club gathering focused on Pastor Wright, hearing his words for the first time, I felt as if he were filled with the Holy Spirit, for his answers had a brevity and speech concise as Moses* when he came up against Pharaoh, and that Wright was speaking God’s Warning Words.

    In these videos he actually “warned” about Barak Obama. Pointing out several times “that’s what politicians DO”. In his speech, I picked up several issues to search engine and research. The aged dude knew whereof he spoke. And the MSM (Main SATANIC Media) pilloried and crucified him, for the Satanic Media did NOT want revealed the cat he was trying to “let out of the bag”.

    Everyone made much of his “God damn America” sermon. I truly winced over that. He did NOT say, “God is damning America.” No, his general audience is black, they use kind of a “short cut” language to communicate, and he brought it down to the Common Denominator Worshipper in the pew and “shorted” it to “God damn America” as many black folks would say, rather than the lengthier phrase, “God is now damning America”.

    In reading the Old Testament, and some Lost Books of the Bible, one CAN see when the Creator gets fed up with mankind who don’t seek Him to rule over their lives, but want others to do so instead. Therefore, WE GET THE KIND OF LEADERS WE DESERVE…just as happened to the 12 Tribes of Israel when they “threw God under the bus”.

    My publishing career went back to antecedents in the mid-1970s. I was onboard when in technical journals published for writers, Political Correctness became VERY BIG STUFF and writers WERE expected to toe the line and incorporate that happy horseshit into their writing for public consumption. There most certainly WAS an agenda promoted. So writers followed The Rules if they wanted paycheck (which is when I slid off into the Evangelical Christian realm where freer speech was still allowed.)

    For a combined under 30 minutes…do yourself favors and hear what Rev. Wright REALLY said…not the out of context sound bites the Main SATANIC Media aired over and over ad infinitum/ad nauseum.


    *As for Moses, I’d long known he had a speech impediment, but didn’t know the particulars. His surrogate mother, the Daughter of Pharaoh, who rescued him from the bull rushes in the river where she and some girlfriends were bathing in some excruciatingly hot weather, was dandling the little boy on her lap. The cohorts to her father knew Moses’ origins…and some didn’t like it. According to the Book of Jasher at this banquet, someone broached a ‘test’ for the little boy, to reveal where he was really AT as an approximate two year old. His surrogate grandpa, the Pharaoh, liked the little guy, played with him. And if I recall the sick test was to hold the Pharaoh’s crown before him, and a burning hot coal on a platter and see which the little fellow reached for. IF he reached for grandpa’s crown…it’d reveal Moses had ambitions to take the Kingdom away from Pharaoh. IF the tyke reached for the red-hot coal. he was innocent.

    According to the chronicle in the Book of Jasher, the public experiment was carried out. Naturally the little boy started to reach for the glittery crown. But with Divine Intervention, his pudgy little hand was instead moved toward the red-hot coal, and a verdict of INNOCENCE.

    But like little kiddies that age, if it’s in their hand, it goes into their mouth, and Moses selected the red-hot coal, to his mouth it went, he was horrendously burned, and the scarring from that “test” is what resulted in Moses being linked to a speech impediment in the standard accepted Books of the Bible.

    His loving surrogate mother, the Pharaoh’s daughter, must’ve died a thousand deaths and wept over her dear son’s suffering.

    There truly IS nothing new under the sun. We’ve been here/done that since In The Beginning of Genesis….Alas.

    (Maybe it’ll dry up a bit in the Midwest and I can get some farming done and y’all can be shed of me ‘n my convictions and opinions, LOL.)

  • Cleburne61

    Sean, THANK YOU! Really, thank you….you don’t have to do any of this, it’s brought you nothing but heartache and trouble, and yet you still do it for us.

    We really appreciate it, what both you and your guests have done to keep us informed enough to hold fast, and clench our metals in our hands til this system is dead.

    God bless you and your wonderful family! Carry on with the knowledge that tens of thousands have been enriched through your efforts. The baddies are being taken out, though the process has taken much longer than any of us would’ve liked.

    • Old Phart

      Amen, Cleburne 61.

      They most certainly HAVE “kicked the can down the road” much further than most of us believed was possible. Perhaps that’s as much God’s Mercy for more to Climb On The Wagon.

      As for “clench our metals in our hands ’til this system is” dead. Amen, amen, to THAT also.

      Jacobson, I believe it was, mentioned that a newborn baby was given 5 oz. of silver by the Rabbi. Appropriate gift, IMO. And…one based on historical facts.

      Even those NOT believers who’ve paid attention to the Nativity Story ARE aware of the Wisemen cam bearing gifts of:

      Gold Frankincense & Myrrh

      Nice. Nice. For decades struck me sort of like the newfangled “baby shower gifting” common today. BUT in my reading, I learned the TRUE VALUE of what the Wisemen presented….

      Herod, threatened by a King, proclaimed his murderous edict. Joseph was envisioned with the need to flee…which he did with his little family, and sojourned off to Egypt.

      The G-F-M gift was NOT set aside for a college education some day. Nope! It was the financial surety to FUND The Great Escape. Joseph had traversed from his home, left all his carpenter tools there, trekked into a new place without the tools of his trade to provide a living for the family.

      The G-F-M cashed in is what paid the tote to get there, live there (and probably eke out a living by the labor of his hands) until it was safe to return.

      It was only recently…once again…reading in The Book of Jasher that that gift-aspect was clarified as Great Escape Funding. I’d never considered that before.

      So…IMO…no WONDER “they” attack precious metals as they do. Paper/papyrus won’t fill the bill.

      And yes, IMO, this IS a place special to the Creator, and the Staff courageous folks like The Watchmen on the Wall ready to sound warning trumpets.

    • SGT

      Cleburne, and everyone else who has taken the time to post here but to whom I have yet to respond, I hope you all understand how much your support means. I cannot put it into words. There is some harassment going on in my personal life now which I will be sharing with you soon. But to summarize, thank you all for your kind words & encouragement.

  • Old Phart

    SGT – Sean, sorry to learn you’re suffering “harassment”…which in my opinion is probably more aptly and accurately deemed “oppression” because with this video above you blatantly walked into Satan’s ball park, to blow the whistle like a Godly Umpire, and the Evil Ones and his minions are not happy campers.

    Just as in physical political warfare, as was common in the days of Viet Nam, “body counts” COUNTED. With Satan, it’s the soul-count. He does NOT want mouthy Christian people setting his captives FREE (even if they aren’t that much aware they ARE captives and members of the Evil One’s Kingdom) and unleashes his minions to persecute and literally bedevil the “whistleblowers” to try to make their daily lives so stressful and chaotic that they back off and STFU due to pressures in all and any areas of living. Fiat accompli!

    Satan’s minion fallen spirits, twenty+ years ago, I came to refer to generically as “demon flea critters”. They buzz and swirl around, darting in to zap, zing and bite like Minnesota’s worst mosquitoes in the Deep Woods.

    Had I not had intense personal experience in writing a book blowing the whistle on evil and the occult, and set myself in the sights, frankly, I’d have NOT believed it (nor, would my dear family, spouse, kids, and Christian friends who witnessed the attacks- not just mental and environmental (swirling around us) but at times outright physical bushwhacking. Spouse, and two youngest girls witnessed it regularly first hand, and son and his wife home from the Navy on leave did, too, and he had to intervene. Made a deeper believer out of him/his spouse.

    Making it through an outright damned attack leaves one physically weak and mentally muzzied. That day my son intervened, they wanted to get me OUT of the house, so drove me to a coin show.

    God is good! There was a sweet woman I knew by sight, but didn’t really know. She told me I didn’t “look like myself” and I found my tongue running away with me as I blurted the unbelievable situations I’d been enduring. She nodded wisely, told me her son was a preacher man, AND she told me quietly it was time to learn to rebuke demons and understand the power of sanctifying anointing oil (telling me Olive Oil, Biblically the ‘best’ although once her son had to park, reach into the engine’s innards, pull out the dipstick and used motor oil!)

    I thought she was a bit titched in the head, frankly, but desperate people DO desperate things, and I was willing. THAT is when I learned Power We Have in Jesus Christ 101.

    Simple version of rebuking:

    IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, I rebuke demons from around myself, my loved ones, my friends, my livestock and pets, personal property, automobile…and SEND THEM TO THE CROSS WHERE THEY MUST DO JESUS’ BIDDING. Amen.

    (And yes, indeedy, the flea demon critters DO know the EXACT spot where the Cross was hove into the ground, and redemptive blood shed, and they hate the place and despise going there, to be consigned into the Lord’s discipline.)

    The best Christian, BTW, has if not Clay Feet, has some clay lodged between the toes, and almost by default, because we’re such imperfect beings, perfected only to the degree Christ Lives In Us and we rely on the Holy Spirit, we can accidentally and with no conscious decision give evil forces the “legality” to interfere in our lives. So one Rebuke doesn’t last forever. Unfortunately.

    An author excellent to read to understand demonic oppression on a daily basis is FRANK PERETTI, books from some decades ago, especially, THIS PRESENT DARKNESS and PIERCING THE DARKNESS.

    You’re probably right now in a Spiritual Cage Match, so gear up accordingly, and know that no matter what kind of Satanic MMA type tricks the adversary has, YOU through the Lord’s graciousness in investing us with His Strength via A Believer’s Authority have a Knock Out Punch at hand to use again and again. Do it, friend.

    Strikes me as if you’re on that path of doing Post-Grad Work in your faith, reliance on Him, and deepening understanding. Life’ll never be the same. You’re clearly very special to the Lord or the Evil One wouldn’t bother with you…and yours.

    With your vast sight, and my mouthing off over this, I reckon I’ll be able to look forward to gettin’ it in the neck, too…so preparing to haul out the heavy artillery and reread Ephesians m’self. IMO these spiritual warfare weapons ARE going to be uber-important in the last days of men having dreams and visions and miracles manifesting to the degree promised in The Word.

    Fight the good fight, young’un. Old Phart will be praying AND REBUKING. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS…for we ARE mustering and readying to march off to war.

    • Old Phart

      Uh…NO. It’s not “funny stuff”. It was incredibly stupid and totally OFF TOPIC.

      DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME VIEWING a pedigreed idiot holding a cute and innocent little Yorkie.

      I watched it, suckered in, because it was on this site and figured it was someone trying to coat-tail more video hits (and money) on SGT’s market strength.

      Then from another read I learned of the bashing of SGT. And ta-DA…guess WHO showed up on one of those sites? Yep. Raw Dog.

      (Can you spell collusion?)

      Not just a Raw Dog but IMO a lowlife sumBITCH.

  • andrew james

    Does anybody have any idea why the US is fighting Russia via al qaeda in a proxy war in Syria and yet DHS is cooperating domestically with Russia by stationing 15,000 Russian troops in FEMA region III? I can’t wrap my head around that one.

    • SGT

      Think NWO. The U.S is in the pockets of the Oligarachs. Remember when Putin kicked out the Rothschild Oligarchs and encouraged Christianity in Russia? If you think globally, Putin, though not a “good guy”, is definitely an interesting guy.

    • Eric

      Putin is just about the only force stopping the complete NWO takeover of the Middle East. If WW3 starts which the evil monsters would love and it goes thermonuclear, then we’re all done for. I still believe the cabal will be removed from power and there will be mass arrests. The foreign troops that are here are in place to assist and maintain order and not to go door to door confiscating everyones guns. Think about just how big of a job that all is. The Fed, Capitol, WH, banks, sheeple, etc. etc. And it has to be timed perfectly. This plan has been in action for a long time being carefully executed along the way. I don’t know for certain but there’s no reason to lose all hope just yet.

      This is highly informative…

      • Eric

        Keep in mind, it most likely isn’t going to just happen unless the people demand it. The backlash could be pretty spectacular otherwise. I firmly believe that if the people speak out and demand it, the military and joint chiefs will support them, just like in Egypt. Apparently Egyptians care more about Egypt than Americans do about America.

  • cory

    unfortunate that the people (mostly religious) cant just be down with the fact that not everyone believes. but if we are all in this together and we can retain our rights, you will have the right to believe and practice and i will have the right to not believe.

    it is very troubling that there are so many people here that must be divided by their differences instead of united under a common cause.

  • Sean, thank you for posting the ad for Popsicle Man and letting people know it is now available as a paperback. Many of your listeners had requested a printed version right after our interview on April 28th. You are very kind to post the ad without charge as I am just another struggling author trying to get exposure for the book, which gives an Historical perspective on how the US has degenerated from a Republic to a Fascist state. Within this political thriller, as Homeland Security starts to impose a police state with a militarized police force, the characters take action to change the course of history.
    Sean, you are a brave, articulate advocate of the Truth movement. Keep up the good work, knowing that many stand behind you.

  • Douglas Stone

    No a word about Adam Kokesh being arrested, but more videos about the SGT’s buddy and psycho Chris Duane. With “patriots” like Sean Turnbull who needs loyalists?

  • Old Phart

    Putin IS a most interesting and capable, brilliant, even fellow, possessed of an amazing mind and historical awareness. Even so….

    IMO one reason Putin resists the NWO is because he’d prefer to see Russia Ruling The World. He sometimes makes some downright hilarious stick-in-the-eye remarks to various and sundry other world leaders. Interesting fellow…yes…but NOT particularly “nice”.

    I felt he waffled recently over Snowden, stating Snowden could get amnesty IF he would basically STFU. Meanwhile, that was the same exact time period when a deal was made for 15,000 Russkie Soldiers to be boots on the ground in the US of A. Cynic that I am, I felt as a sharpie Putin knew upon which side his bread was buttered. And Snowden was not gonna be a mouse turd allowed to ruin the sammich.

    IMO most nations DO have Imperialistic Overtones IF given the chance. The the land mass represented by the USA…there aren’t those who lust and covet the across the ocean’s neighbor’s property? I figure Putin is a Talk Quietly But Carry a Helluva BIG STICK type, and would be a formidable chess opponent for that fellow things moves eons ahead of all the rest.

    I’ll never forget Putin’s expression when GWB burbled he’d “looked into Putin’s soul” (and what he ‘saw’ there.) Putin looked like he was choking up a hairball or had a bit of vomit surge up into his throat. But he did restrain himself so he didn’t fall out of the chair and writh and kick his legs and laugh his arse off.

  • john 2

    Maybe we’ll find out who Tyler Durden is next? LOL

    We’re behind you 1000% Sean!

    • SGT

      Thanks brother. I think anyone with two braincells to rub together, and independent critical thinkers like those who visit this site who have two fully operational hemispheres at their disposal, can see through a character assassination operation.

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