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“Self-defense Shouldn’t Be Practiced By The Common Folk”

by Doug Book,

“Under no circumstances should people be able to confront others in a hostile manner, end up using deadly force, and escape punishment.” Such is the far from unconventional viewpoint of UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler. But it’s not the doings of actual thugs and lawbreakers that worry the professor. His concern is about people who “take advantage” of Stand Your Ground laws, laws which according to Winkler “unambiguously authorize people to pursue and confront others” and encourage vigilantism.

Of course, the professor is not alone in spreading his deliberately false description of the contents of Stand Your Ground legislation. Three days after the George Zimmerman verdict, AG Eric Holder told members of the Orlando NAACP that “’stand your ground’” statutes can ‘undermine public safety’ and ‘victimize too many who are innocent.’” They are laws that “senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.” That there is no evidence Stand Your Ground legislation now in force in over 30 states actually brings about the Wild West vigilantism so feared by the Attorney General doesn’t prevent his making the claim that self-defense-minded killers are everywhere poised and ready to strike.

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