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SC Senator Lindsey Graham Needs To Be Replaced In 2014 & Here’s Why

[Ed. Note: Sen. Lindsey Graham Needs To be investigated and tried for crimes against the Constitution of the United States.]

by Joshua Cook, Freedom Outpost:

When the Palmetto State elected Lindsey Graham, we got the moderate GOP senator we didn’t want. He has been the poster boy, along with John McCain, for unprincipled leadership and represents everything wrong with the modern Republican Party. In the past few months alone, he’s irritated people across the political spectrum with numerous actions from helping pen the recent amnesty bill to advocating boycotting the Olympics if NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden wasn’t turned over by Russian authorities. When all is said and done, Graham needs to be unseated and replaced with someone like Senator Jim DeMint.

The one consistent aspect of Graham’s voting record is his opposition to conservative issues. He can vote for whatever sounds good at the time and change the next time if public outcry is strong enough, but he doesn’t come to the table with ideas on how to make things better.

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6 comments to SC Senator Lindsey Graham Needs To Be Replaced In 2014 & Here’s Why

  • j

    Arrested not replaced, strap on a pair

  • prestodo

    I’ve met this “man”. He has a disgusting limp-wristed handshake and no moral values to speak of.

  • dan

    I can only say with all respect due him as a sitting US senator..he is a fucking traitor to our Republic and its Constitution and Bill of Rights…..may he rot in hell with the rest of traitors that trash our Republic…Fuck them all….imho….Semper Fi

  • Hoser

    Graham is “Another” piece of shit! Nuff said.

  • rico

    Nothing but a RINO DEEEBAG. He has no stones, no spine and is a sniveling elitist TROLL, hellbent on destroying our constitutional republic…NOT DEMOCRACY!!! Just keep funding the wars, the too big to fail banks and piss all over the American Public, including your constituents. Why not take your talents to the OECD. At least you wouldn’t have to talk out of both sides of your mouth when robbing people.

  • Slvrizgold

    Lindsay Graham is a drag queen fairy. I concur with all the sentiments above. South Carolina should be ashamed this queerbait Constitution shredder. Try him and hang him.

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