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Russia to Have World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant by 2016

by James Burgess, Oil Price:

Aleksandr Voznesensky, the general director of the Baltic Plant, Russia’s largest shipbuilders, told reporters that within three years Russia will have produced the world’s first floating nuclear power plant.

The vessel, known as the Akademik Lomonosov, is intended to be the first of many floating nuclear power plants, that Russia will put into mass production and then use to provide energy to remote areas, and to export to other countries around the world.

The 21,500 tonne ships will have a crew of 69, and each carry two KLT-40 naval propulsion reactors which will produce a combined 70MW of electricity, enough to power a small city of 200,000 people.

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3 comments to Russia to Have World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant by 2016

  • prestodo

    It’s already too bad that the U.S. has nuclear powered aircraft carriers that leak radiation, and now we want more nuclear radiation floating and leaking around the globe in the oceans???? This is utter insanity. What happens when the ships sink??? Has anybody thought of the reprecussions of this??? If I were following operational risk management guidelines where the first rule is to take no unnecessary risks, then I would not do this since it is clearly an unnecessary risk. How many thousands of years would it take to undo the damage done by just one of these ships sinking???? 250,000 years. Not worth it at all. These reactors and ships are planned by people who obviously have no foresight but their own bank accounts.

  • Rodster

    Mobile Chernobyl

  • Slvrizgold

    Just wow. I guess freshwater lake property will be increasing in value as oceanfront property plummets?

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