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Ron Paul on His Use of Earmarks – Hypocritical?

from Fox News, via RonPaulCC2012:

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1 comment to Ron Paul on His Use of Earmarks – Hypocritical?

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Definition: Earmarks are funds provided by the Congress for specific projects or programs in such a manner that the allocation (a) circumvents a merit-based or competitive allocation process; (b) applies to a very limited number of individuals or entities; or (c) otherwise curtails the ability of the Executive Branch to independently manage the agency budget. Thus, an earmark circumvents the appropriations process, as outlined in the Constitution, where Congress grants a lump sum of money to a Federal agency each year and leaves the management of that money to the Executive Branch.
    The Pauls with their hypocrisy and noses firmly in the trough fully exposed. More wiffle waffle from the bumbling Congressman. C’mon Ron. Where’s that revolution you asked for in the last sentence of your book? Some leader you turned out to be, abandoning the sinking ship when it mattered most. The ship still floats and yet you donned the life jacket, launched your and your son’s boat and left the movement floundering. Floundering, maybe, but still afloat. I’d sooner back Mittens than your disingenuous son.

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