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Robert Wenzel: Detroit Needs to be Free from Government Interventions

by Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

We are continuously inundated with the message that our world is overpopulated because humanity is reproducing at a rate much faster than the Earth’s resources can possibly accommodate us.

This propaganda is pushed on us as an excuse for all manner of messing with mother nature: from risky geoengineering projects — to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations set to cost the economy billions in revenue and millions of jobs — to ethanol production which was supposed to be “greener” but which studies have shown takes more fossil energy to produce than the actual energy we derive from it.

Food scarcity is a particular driver under the Malthusian argument that our human population increases geometrically while our food supply increases arithmetically, thus humanity will ultimately no longer be sustainable. Malthus has been proven wrong time and again, but the scaremongering persists.

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