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Rick Rule – What To Expect From Gold, Silver & Mining Shares

from KingWorldNews:

With regards to the big picture, the truth is that nothing has changed since gold and silver peaked in 2011 except the price. So the prices are a lot cheaper, but if the set of circumstances that determines value is the same, and the price is less, that’s not called a bear market, it’s called a sale.

And sales are good for people who want to get wealthy over time because they can reduce their average cost of the thing that to them constitutes value, i.e. gold or silver.

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1 comment to Rick Rule – What To Expect From Gold, Silver & Mining Shares

  • NaySayer

    What I expect is that all the mine will be taken over by the governments either federal or state of the jurisdictions where they are physically located. When this all collapses, maybe you could light a fire with your stock certificates, if you actually hold them.

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