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Reg Howe’s latest paper: Chinese GPS , Payback in Full with Benefits/GLD remains constant/JPMorgan to get out of the commodity business

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold fell $7.30 to $1321.70 (comex closing time ). Silver was also down by 38 cents to $19.77 (comex closing time).

In the access market at 5:00 pm, gold and silver skyrocketed northbound due to the news that JPMorgan was getting out of the physical commodities business.
I guess the entire mainstream know that JPMorgan is the main instigator who is constantly manipulating gold and silver.

It is also very comforting to see that gold has held the $1300 dollar floor. Now we await Monday and Tuesday and see if the bankers strike again as they desperately try and influence the longs from taking delivery next week. First day notice is on Wednesday and I will provide details as to how much gold will stand for this very important month.

Thus in the access market at 5 pm tonight here are the final closing prices:

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