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Real vs False Money – Key Insights From Monetary History

from Gold Silver Worlds:

Where does money come from? Is its value constant or does it change? Are there risks associated with money? These are all important questions, because today’s monetary system combined with fractional reserve banking has a lot of risks. It is vulnerable to bank runs, inflation, and economic bubbles, to name just a few. Yet, those risks remain invisible to the majority of people. Global Gold Switzerland, a bullion company specialized in brokerage and custody services exclusively in the physical precious metals market, created a report and a short educational video. They explain how our current monetary system works, where it fails and how you can protect yourself against it.

In this article we extract twelve insights from the extended report. Readers are recommended to read the extended report (request the report “Real vs false money” here).

  1. Governments have a track record of diluting the value of their currency. History is full of examples where governments started mixing worthless metals into gold coins as soon as they ran into financial trouble.

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