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Rainman Economics

from Zero Hedge:

Via James Howard Kunstler via,

Like entropy, the diminishing returns of technology never sleep. The hubristic techno-narcissism of the day, as seen in mankind’s efforts to fake-out the universe, will eventually get our one-way ticket to Palookaville punched. Perhaps there’s such a thing as being too cool after all.

The trick so far has been to create massive inflation, export the effects of it to other trading partners, and end up with a lot more money here in the USA, or the illusion of more money. Well, loans, for houses, cars, and college tuitions. In a word: debt. Let’s call it “Rainman Economics,” because it begins to resemble the behavior of a severely autistic human being who performs a small range of obsessive actions over and over and over, often centered on numbers. Rainman Economics is the policy of the Federal Reserve and, indirectly, the government under Mr. Obama.

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1 comment to Rainman Economics

  • zed

    Zero Hedge ran an anti-gold, anti-gold miner report yeastersday! The report was made up by Citi Bank, saying NO Miners can make money with gold at these prices!
    That is a lie. That is untrue.
    ZH prints this mis-information w/o analysis.
    The number are not true either (from Citi).
    So it all is just there to scare us, make us sell.
    ZH has some interesting reports, BUT I see they are not trustable, believe me. Maybe they suck us in with some truth, then in goes the blade….
    ZH – wake up people.

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