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PHYSICAL Silver Demand ‘UNPRECEDENTED’? — President of Scottsdale Silver Josh Phair

The President of Scottsdale Silver Josh Phair talks about what his company has called an “unprecedented time” in the precious metals market. Silver (and gold) are now available in PHYSICAL form for prices BELOW the true cash costs of mining production. This supply-demand-production anomaly cannot continue forever, or the majority of physical silver production will simply STOP. Josh talks about how his company sources physical silver, the Comex depositories & more.

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21 comments to PHYSICAL Silver Demand ‘UNPRECEDENTED’? — President of Scottsdale Silver Josh Phair

  • Tom G

    I like their Academy Chunkies. Own a little pile of them which I bring out and stack once in a while. Don’t think they make them anymore, at least I didn’t see any on their site.

    Thanks for the interview SGT.

    • SGT

      I like their hand poured 100 gram bars. Have a great weekend Tom, & all.

    • Frank Zak

      US gold bullion coin sales sink in June to 10-month low:

      Jun 29, 2013, 11.39AM ISTNEW YORK: Sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins plunged to 57,000 ounces in June, their lowest since August last year, as physical demand from retail investors and collectors sank, according to data on the US Mint’s website.

      The total was down 19% from May and a fraction of the 209,500 ounces sold in April when a historic sell-off in gold released years of pent-up demand from retail investors.

      • john 2

        Only 3 reasons that could be…

        1) lack of demand
        2) lack of supply
        3) fraudulent numbers

        my money would be on 2 and 3.

        • john 2

          of course…anyone with half a brain is buying silver over gold right now anyway. A 63:1 ratio is absurd when silver is coming out of the ground at a 9:1 ratio to gold.

  • Steve_D

    I’ve never heard this guy give an interview before, great scoop Sean.
    Very informative interview, look forward to you getting him back on in the near future.

  • John

    Update from Toronto, I did make another visit to the coin dealer, being that on the 27th, they were getting reloaded with 1oz, Gold coins, and 1oz silver maples. My intention was to pick up some gold maples, and some tubes of Silver maples.. I got there and they were already out of the Gold Maples.. I’m thinking there is going to be a Gold shortage in the near future and so I picked up, Buffalo’s, Nuggets, and Philharmonics, I skipped on the Silver this time.. They did have Silver Maple Monster boxes available..

  • george soros

    i call bs on the cash cost to mine the metals the price of oil is the same as in 2007 and wages have stayed the same since then and possibly even gone down trough concessions caterpillar equipment can be had for pennies on the dollar at auctions how come it was easy to mine then but not now somebody please prove me wrong .for the record i am a metalhead

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      I’d be more incline to think of you as a blockhead than a metal head. I just took a bath with a junior silver miner having bought 10,000 shares at 77 cents that are now worth 11 cents. It was a viable mine with a rich deposit, it owned its claim and processing facility and started commercial production in February having set 2 shipments to refinery for which they were paid $2 million in April. Last Thursday they ceased operations indefinitely announcing they could no longer continue operation in the current environment and their share price went over a cliff.

  • george soros

    sgt asking a scottsdale president if silver is worth more than 19 dollars is like asking a plumber if he is worth 90 bucks asn hr your are funny ,, BTW i think my 2001 audi a6 is worth 45,000

    • hatch381

      Well damn George…I think you’re over pricing your 2001 Audi…but that’s just me. What do you think is a fair market price of .999 silver these days? And…who do you think SGT should interview to get the straight on the story?

  • Chris

    According to this article, Phair from Scottsdale was on target to the truth of real mining costs of silver.

  • george soros

    @hatch 381 i dont care what its worth in dollar terms now its what you can barter for it if and when the need arises hope it goes to 2 dollars an ounce so i can buy more silver .Gold at 800 will be awsome for me for some people here they will loose sleep .Harvey wallbanger i too like mining companies but not yet only when their is blood in the streets and that wont be until the biggest deflation in the history of the world will come soon followed by hyperinflation sadley even soom strong hands may sell their metals at this time not realizing that in history deflation always precedes hyperinflation

  • stu

    Hey george soros you seem to be a paid shill. How about i drop a piano on your audi?

    • Brian

      Why is it that your always a “paid” schill just because someone has a different opinion or perhaps another truthful comment or another view.Because you think you have all the answers,it makes eveyone else that disagrees a paid schill?

      I think Alex Jones is controlled opposition,a liar,a person who claims christianity but his actions and Bible doctrine teaching says otherwise.He is a fear monger selling products to make a good living off of YOU and He is also a Jesuit co-adjutor working for the same people he opposes…I guess that makes me a paid schill,even though there is no paycheck in the mail.

      • htach381

        Hey Brian…are you suggesting that Alex Jones is a “paid shill”? I like to listen to all opinions and then I trust my own judgement.

    • NaySayer

      I don’t think he is a paid shill. He is stating why it is valuable in a SHTF situation for bartering. Paid shills say something half true but half derogatory about silver and then go on to talk about how the fiat dollars are the best or real estate or stocks, something that the bankster/politician criminals are trying to shove off on people as real value.

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