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Pay Cash For Everything

[Ed. note: This is the rule in my house. My wife and I pay in cash for over 90% of all purchases. MRH]

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

What’s the difference between digital money and cash?

Answer: Nothing, in its basic value. However there is a VERY significant difference when it comes to your freedom and liberty…

PRIVACY. When you use digital money, your privacy is completely relinquished. When you use digital money your are opting IN to a system that is monitoring YOU, and monitoring you for a number of reasons…

When you use cash money, you have the opportunity to opt OUT of the systems that track you. To remain more anonymous. To maintain more of your freedom of movement and choice.

When you use digital money (Debit cards, Credit cards, Online payments and purchases, etc.) it has become clear that you are not only being tracked by the businesses and their partners of whom you purchased from, but you are also being tracked by your government (NSA spy scandal, etc.).

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