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Oxymoron: Racial Profiling in a Free Society

by James E. Miller, Mises:

Is it bad to make a character judgment based solely on a person’s skin color?

I am not asking if such a thing is lawful. From a natural, property law perspective, the individual always reserves the right to judge others based on whatever criteria he wishes. There exists no justified ownership of public image. Perception resides only in the minds of others. To attest that you own your character is to superimpose control in the heads of millions. Making such an argument would be ridiculous – despite the defamation prohibitions we see today.

Racial profiling, bad as it may be, should be legal. The barrel of a gun should not stop discrimination based off arbitrary traits. As Walter Block points out, to make distinguishing judgments of others used to be lauded behavior.

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1 comment to Oxymoron: Racial Profiling in a Free Society

  • Jonathan

    I’m pretty sure the losers in the fascists federal government profile when they claim the Chinese are the biggest threat of cyber warfare

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