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Open Thread: ‘Independence Day’ 2013 — Your Thoughts on America & Liberty?

from SGT Report:

From endless, unconstitutional wars of aggression, to the NDAA authorizing the arrest and imprisonment of US citizens without trail, to the Obama administration’s unprecedented targeting of whistle blowers who courageously tell the truth about government crimes, to the NSA’s assault against our Bill of Rights… Amerika in 2013 is a far cry from the America of 1776.

Your thoughts on where we are today and where we are headed from here, are most welcome below.

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35 comments to Open Thread: ‘Independence Day’ 2013 — Your Thoughts on America & Liberty?

  • AgShaman

    We are well past the point where our forefathers would have sought violent revolution.

    Flying the flag upside down is a baby step…for what length patriotic people will need to go to gain some semblance of what a free republic once was.

    Tyrants don’t stop

    They must be stopped….by those that understand the resolve and tactics their enemy is capable of

    • SGT

      Thx for getting the ball rolling on comments. I often wonder how the climate of the the country and the dialogue would have changed if Ron Paul had become President. He has stood up vocally against these wars, against the ‘Patriot Act’, against the NDAA, against the NSA’s crimes, against Obama’s war against ‘whistle blowers’, against the federalization of police across the United States – and he has stood up FOR Edward Snowden, FOR our Bill of Rights and FOR our Constitution; Things viewed as enemies of the current and previous administrations.

      • Jonathan

        When Ron Paul said at the end of his campaign that he couldn’t understand why the American people didn’t rally around him and take the opportunity they had to dismantle the federal government a lot of people thought that was sore loser talk but I felt sad because I know how true it was and now the demolition of the power structure is going to get a lot messier then it would have been had the American people taken the opportunity Dr Paul gave them.

        • The Lone Ranger

          I think the evidence shows that if the Republican establishment didn’t use a variety of dirty tricks in the primary races then he most likely would have been the nominee. We didn’t see it in the results, but he had a great deal of support.

          • Jonathan

            No doubt he was cheated. I just don’t understand why more Democrat supporters didn’t see Obama’s hypocrisy and try and visualize a politician outside the left/right system that could really help the people. It’s hard to believe someone of Ron Paul’s character will enter American politics at such a perfect point when they were needed. Explained in a religious way I think the American people will be be punished for not taking the gift God gave them.

  • Slvrizgold

    I don’t really “celebrate” Independence Day anymore. The reason we declared independence was to get away from tyranny, despotism, and excessive taxation. Today, the federal govt is worse than the Crown and we have oppressive taxation (and inflation) thanks to shitting on the Constitution. Remember inflation is a tax. Sometimes it’s the biggest one.

  • NIX


  • Skybird

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

    We need a Revolution, not of violence, but of hearts and minds.

  • Eric

    I made this facebook post:
    Take 10 mins to be a part of the 10% who understand nine concepts of why we celebrate, bbq, booze, and watch fireworks.

    and for the 90% of those who don’t seem to care, ponder this one concept.
    The Declartion of independence states 25 abuses of King George III
    these include: (examples and/or current parallels)

    1. unfair taxation (tax breaks, inflation, income tax)
    2. cutting off trade (drug war, ceritifcation/licensing/regulations that create barriers of entry -maybe a stretch)
    3. abolishing good and helpful laws (glass steagal, Compromising the Bill of Rights)
    4. making arbitrary laws himself (executive orders)
    5. Creating new govt depts with officials that harrass the people (TSA, NSA)
    6. Depriving colonists of trial by jury (NDAA, Guantanamo Bay)
    7. protecting his own officials that were murderers (or thieves- Bankers, cops, TSA, NSA)
    8. Attempting to establish military rule (Boston Bombing martial law, miltarizing police -joint exercises with both domestic and foreign troops)
    9. hiring mercenaries to harass and kill colonists (drone bombing us citizens, blackwater/Xe, Prism corporations)
    10. Capturing and forcing colonists to fight their fellow colonists or be killed (blackmail, similar to 5)
    11. Fostering domestic uprisings in the colonies (agent provacatuers, media wedge issues)
    12. Disallowing or not hearing any appeals for justice. (bankers, cops, corporations, Bush, Cheaney, Rumsfeld)

    Sean, I urge you to share that video

    • Jonathan

      I watched your video before that was a great way to explain the actual purpose of the core documents of this country. It is such bull crap when the politicians argue parts of the constitution with out taking into account the rest of the documents and the other sister documents which explain the actual meaning of say the Fourth Amendment.

  • ValleyForge

    I believe this country is well pass the point of no return. We are but a small handful of patriotic americans who believe in the constitution while the rest Americans welcome this oppression and maybe even depend on it dearly. So as long as they are entertained with reality TV shows, receive endless guberment assistance and can buy up cheaply made products from Wally world there is no changing the status quo. How many of us have tried to sound the alarm to family and friends only to look like complete nut jobs? The bad thing is that as of this moment, right here right now, we have been proven to look like idiots with Au/Ag. Deep in our hearts we know we are doing “The right thing” but how much more can we all take? Sadly, all of us here are for justice, but how can we prevail when the entire system is built upon injustice? This system is so rotten and corrupt that a lot of us have been beaten to our maximum capabilities or at least I have been. I’m sorry to say that I feel so defeated and find myself asking, “when oh when lord is it gonna be our time?” I just don’t anymore.

    • ValleyForge

      correction* I just don’t know anymore.

    • Jonathan

      I would say it’s way past the point of no return to save the federal government and get it to serve the people. But if America abolishes the Federal Government and all its agencies and keeps the military and America returns back to what it was intended 50 separate states working together in a union then the world will see the greatest creation of wealth in the history of humans and you and everyone else will be fine. If America removes the tumor then they don’t have to suffer the pains of cancer.

    • Scott Wolf

      This is a protracted struggle,my friend.Liberty and Democracy are worth fighting for.As for gold and silver:if you regret buying metal every time a paper smash occurs,you have no business being in the sector whatsoever.It can be frustrating but WE ARE winning as the free market can never be destroyed.And with interest rates rising,Europe in recession,wages falling,U.S Q12013 GDP being revised down to 1.8%,and global economic data becoming weaker and weaker despite exploding central bank balnce sheets,it is now close to the end game.DO NOT GIVE UP,EVER!!!

      • The Lone Ranger

        Good point, Scott. We all need to keep buying physical silver. Keep contributing to groups like Campaign for Liberty which Ron Paul is overseeing. Contribute directly to candidates who meet the criteria of a libertarian. Vote for these candidates, or vote third party. Continue to prep for the coming collapse. Continue to educate those who will listen. Don’t buy newspapers, don’t watch the mainstream news. Keep up with what’s going on through the alternative media. Get your kids out of public schools if possible and educate them to strive for liberty in the future.

        We need to focus on non-violent resistance like Gandhi did. Follow those models and support anyone who makes a courageous stand for liberty. We will overcome.

  • Npz

    When you have Dictators from other countries calling out our president, you know the jig is up.

  • Blackpowder

    This will go on until things personally affect those who are sheep,I have quit trying to talk with people about this government they will have to come to terms on their own if they ever do somewhere along the line Americans were replaced with mindless zombies

  • Joe

    Notice the lack of celebration of Independence Day by Google? Not surprising considering Executive Chairman, Eric E. Schmidt is a regular Bildeberg attendee.

    Here’s Google News page.

    Here’s the Google search page….how pathetic is that animated graphic?

  • Joe


  • johns

    QUIT popping the pills created by “man in lab coats”,….

    and utilize the gifts GOD gave you upon birth !!!!!! Those are known as TALENTS….we all have ’em.


    Take a reality check, instead of a CHEMICAL MIXTURE to “make you FEEL good”.


  • hatch381

    I’ve been bummed out most of the day when thinking about the state of our nation today. I was born in 1952 so I remember what it feels like to feel free. I grew up running in the woods and hills of SC. One day my brother and I went hunting and after a while we came out of the woods on one of the rare paved roads and decided to walk the road back home. We were walking down the road with our guns threw across our shoulders and the local law enforcement rolled up beside us…with his window down he slowly rolled along beside us as my brother and I kept walking…he didn’t ask to see a license or where we were going or what we were doing….he simply asked if we were having any luck? I was probably 12 or 13 years old. We talked for a minute and then he rolled on down the road. I miss those days….they are gone forever.

    The below link is to a documentary produced by Vice about the Afghanistan war. The title of the doc is “This is what winning looks like”. It a good documentary that takes a look behind the propaganda that the main stream media gives the American people. I hope you guys can watch it.

    • I was born in 1945 in Saskatchewan and my father was a Mountie. Since I was ten years old I used to grab the 22 pump from my father’s closet and walk out of town with it several blocks to get out in the field to shoot gophers. I often wonder what would happen if a ten year old tried that now.

  • Troy

    I would say that most people think we are still “free”….think, just think about all the rules, and laws we have…hell, you can’t even put a damn window in your house without a building permit!!! Watch the 1970’s TV series “Grizzly Adams”…I have seasons one and two on DVD. That is what freedom is folks. Mountain men living off the land…hard life, but a free life. We have some freedom left, but a little gets taken every year that goes by. This is one reason I moved to the country…I gained some freedom! If you guys are still in town…sell that house of yours now! I promise you you will be happy…I’m sooooooo much happier in the country. Woods, rivers, wildlife, like minded people with KNOWLEDGE of the land, growing food, hunting, and many more things. Get the heck out of town, and move to the country!!!

    • bibbitt

      the country’s where it’s at for me- that’s why barry@ just announced he’s going to Manhattanise America- you know- make our life so difficult that we move to the stack/pack. Monitor your well, make you pump septic every year, woodstove prohibition, road closures.. da da da A21
      So we got that going for us?!

  • Jon

    Not one of you is mentioned this not one does anybody really know what’s going on here?

    • prestodo

      Jon, most of us here already are aware of and understand the petrodollar system and about the formation of the BRICS. What most of us here care about is the restoration of our nation, no matter what condition it will get into in the next few years.

  • andrew james

    I’m going to quit screwing around with youtube. Those bastards are trying to compel me to change my channel name from drewzillasaurusrex to andrew james again. wtf is it to them? Oh yeah. independence day. I’ve never felt free here. Hats off to any of you who ever has though. It’s just one new day of frustration or dissapointment after another. That’s what it’s like to me.

    • Praxis

      The goal is simple. Since they can’t get legislation through forcing everyone to have a unique identifier on the internet, their next best tactic is cajoling and fooling everyone into using their SSN name for anything within their umbrella.

      Same tactic as always. Just ignore it. (But don’t let it go unnoticed. Calling out the fraud is one of our best weapons.)

  • Stefan

    I live outside the continental 48 and the 4th is no big deal although it get celebrated as a drink fest and some firecrackers. It’s just a day off here and there’s the irony. I know a lot of folks stateside, have no idea what the July 4th, 1776 holiday is all about, or the National Anthem either. At this point in the game, perhaps we should cancel the 4th completely and stop singing the Anthem at ball games too.

    Now bear with me before you start beating me mercilessly. This web site along with many others has worked tirelessly to wake folks up and from my own personal experience with family, have found that sleepwalking though life seems to be preferred. Now ask yourself, what is the one thing everyone must have?

    Answer: What they have not got that is a direct benefit to themselves! (a day off and reason to party)

    Let the damn day go away until folks figure out why they had the day off in the first place. Trying to explain the Declaration of Independence does not seem to be working and “We” who read these type Web Sites are really only the choir apparently singing to ourselves. At least that is what it feels like. Anyway – A different approach.

  • Praxis

    Cheers Sean! I hope you and your readers all enjoyed Independence day. This year was truly remarkable for me and not in the partying department.

    I got to speak with family members (not mine) for a good long conversation about current trends and opinions of where ‘we’ are going and I have to say it wasn’t disappointing in the least.

    Keep in mind, this harks from Newtown, CT so the shooting is still very very fresh in people’s minds. One party-goer’s mother was shot in the leg in the incident. This party was on lake Lillinoah on the edge of Newtown bordering Southbury. The people are typical soccer moms and their elders, absolutely terrified of everything which could possibly harm their children. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Fireworks can be dangerous.

    What really inspires this comment in this thread is simply, people are ‘getting it’. They really are. I had dozens of conversations about goings on and especially the NSA hullabaloo has really captured people’s attention. Though many aren’t too clear on the implications and domino effects of what the surveillance state entails, THEY WERE WILLING TO LISTEN.

    I didn’t get a single “conspiracy theorist” dismissal. I got to talk about drug running, spying, the dollar, sovereignty, NAU, TPP, SPP, SOPA, NSA, Hitler (not in the prescribed perception, but the pre WWII Time magazine cover situation), Carl Jung, nuclear war, Lincoln’s travesties, the engineering of the Civil War, international banksters and the looming 3rd world war. It really ran the gamut and people were genuinely interested albeit largely at a loss for solutions. I can claim guilt there as well.

    Over the last decade I’ve spoken out plenty and been shut down just as much. Since the NSA debacle (I think), something really has changed. I suspect the SH shooting and Boston bombings, the inconsistencies therein also have a lot to do with it.

    I wasn’t shouted down. No one got offended. No one flipped the hors d’oeuvres table in violent denial. They genuinely wanted to know why I thought the way I did and I got to tell them straightforwardly. Especially about the study of the interconnectedness of a few thousand global corporations and the 147 core components. Some had heard about it.

    I got to tell them that we’re under assault from a series of cartels trying to monopolize the planet. AND THEY LISTENED. They didn’t all agree, but they didn’t dismiss it out of hand. I was blown away.

    I felt like a professor wishing I had a blackboard so I could actually draw the dots I was connecting. Remember, these are Soccer Moms! You’re always supposed to bet against what they’re doing! Not anymore. They actually shat on Obama and a ton of other head-turning comments which would’ve been a pipe dream even a few years ago.

    I could go on for a while so I’ll stop here. This is no doubt that was made possible by Sean and crew from SGT and so many other sources it would be a tome. Suffice it to say, I Thank You. I couldn’t have presented what is known nearly as clearly had I not many years of reading and re-reading the vast web of information (all of it open to anyone who seeks it) without you.

    Wish I had heard about the Wisconsin college students Rolling the NSA recruiters before last night. What a bombshell that is.

    The future is dark, but the pin holes of light are multiplying. I don’t think we will lose this war. I know it will take decades, but I think we will ultimately win if we continue extreme vigilance and I don’t think we’ll realize it when we do.

    Cheers to all of you!

  • Daniel

    I’d like to sum up the difference 237 years make.


    1) Minutemen Militias
    2) No Taxation Without Representation
    3) Lexington – Concord
    4) George Washington’s Winter Campaign
    5) Paul Revere – “To arms, to arms. The British are coming”.
    6) Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Henry, Hancock.
    7) The Declaration of Independence
    8) The Constitution


    1) Mindless TV programming (Honey Boo Boo, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, etc)
    2) Dumbed down population
    3) Obama, Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Waxman, Shumer, McCain.
    4) Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, DHS, NSA, IRS, CIA, FBI.
    5) Almost 50 million on food stamps.
    6) Currency devalued 95% in 100 years.
    7) Foreign entanglments (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria).
    8) 20+ percent real unemployment or underemployment.


  • Jon

    Don’t forget agenda 21
    The American diet
    Flouride in the water
    Solutions to fight the system, is not to participate. Lew Rockwell discusses this in detail.
    Doesn’t mean to stop voting, just means don’t fool for the two party system.
    People need to spread the word, even though most will not listen. Something down the road may trigger
    Their awakening, then they will remember what you said.

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