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Obama’s Gestapo

by Louise Hodges,

The Nazis were brutal spymasters. If we break it all down, it looks strangely familiar to what we accept as national security today. Let’s examine the similarities.

Hermann Goring was the commander of the Geheime Staatspolizei. We don’t often hear it by its long name. We know it as Ge-Sta-Po. They followed, arrested, interrogated, and interned enemies of the state.

Himmler, you know him, directed the Schutzstaffel, the SS, the Protective Echelon, and the elite paramilitary corps, integrating all of Germany’s police.

Then we have the Kriminalpolizei and the Sicherheitspolitzei, (secret police, or SIPO), which joined the intelligence branch of the military (called the Sicherheitsdienst/SD/Security Service.)

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2 comments to Obama’s Gestapo

  • D the Fat Wun

    We have Heimat Sicherheitsdients (Homeland Security).

  • Glitter 1

    +1 Not one in a million has this knowledge/understanding.This includes the import of high level Nazis of various disciplines,i.e. scientists,intelligence,military,etc.Also,the import of Stalin’s Gulag Commissars and KGB operatives.We are seeing the same play books being implemented here in the US.It’s not coincidence. “The Madusa File” – Craig Roberts

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