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Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain YOU under NDAA

from RT:

The Obama administration has won the latest battle in their fight to indefinitely detain US citizens and foreigners suspected of being affiliated with terrorists under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Congress granted the president the authority to arrest and hold individuals accused of terrorism without due process under the NDAA, but Mr. Obama said in an accompanying signing statement that he will not abuse these privileges to keep American citizens imprisoned indefinitely. These assurances, however, were not enough to keep a group of journalists and human rights activists from filing a federal lawsuit last year, which contested the constitutionality of Section 1021, the particular provision that provides for such broad power.

A federal judge sided with the plaintiffs originally by granting an injunction against Section 1021, prompting the Obama administration to request an appeal last year. On Wednesday this week, an appeals court in New York ruled in favor of the government and once again allowed the White House to legally indefinitely detain persons that fit in the category of enemy combatants or merely provide them with support.

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1 comment to Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain YOU under NDAA

  • NaySayer

    The reason they are pushing this sooo hard is because they know the economy will collapse soon and they will be “arresting” masses of people. They know they cannot process that number of people in a manner consistent with the constitution so they are fixing it so they have the power to indefinately detain everybody in a fema camp.

    All of this makes sense if they know that collapse in imminent. All of the executive orders make sense if they know it is going to collapse and they intend to get us into a war with whoever they can in order to try to have some “common enemy” they can try to get us to support them against.

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