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Obama on Encouraging Whistleblowers (2008): Down the Memory Hole

by Gary North, Lew Rockwell:

Once upon a time, back in 2008, President-elect Obama posted a series of policy promises.Two days ago, one of them disappeared.

You can find the original document on

It used to be on the site. Now it’s not.

For more details, click the link.

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2 comments to Obama on Encouraging Whistleblowers (2008): Down the Memory Hole

  • Thunder Child

    It’s still there, I pointed this out to ZH/Tylers this morning when they posted the article from Liberty Blitzkreig. It literally takes 30 seconds to check.

    The original author of the story before others picked it up ‘James Holcomb’ realized his mistake.

    In his own words:
    Unfortunately, I rushed this article out as I was leaving work yesterday and misreported the story. Hopefully, I can correct my mistake. no longer directly links to the material and agenda page. Instead, it now solely serves as a landing page for whereas before you could directly access much of the site. Check the archived version of the home page for clarification.

    This does change the story as the info has not be “scrubbed” as I described, only hidden. I feared writing this article with such haste would cause me to misreport the story and it appears that it did indeed do so. I apologize for the inaccuracies and will use this as a learning experience moving forward. Thanks for those who cross-referenced me.

    Trust me I hate the lying puppet as much as the next guy that is awake but it is sad seeing this story go across many reputable alternative sites without anyone actually checking the source. I will never forget listening to William Cooper at an early time drilling over and over and over about always checking the source always double and triple check the source because as soon as you post bad information it discredits you and everything you do. Not that it makes much difference to you Sean, your site is more of an aggregate and we love you!

  • Thunder Child

    Did a bit more digging, James Holcomb wasn’t the originator of the story. Looks like it comes from techdirt on the 26th and sunlight foundation on the 25th.

    I think what happened is they changed the home page of and removed the little button on the bottom right. The site was always there they just removed the access from the home page possibly for a couple of days.

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