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Obama Fail-o-meter Through The Roof

by Rep. Steve Stockman,

The economy continues to fail to recover under Obama as June’s Obama Failometer Score is remains practically unchanged at a punishing 1,156. Obama can set the Failometer to zero simply by outperforming George W. Bush on the economy and fulfilling his 2008 and 2012 campaign promises to help blacks and Hispanics gain economically.

“The black unemployment rate increased for the second straight month under Obama. Every month under Obama has had a higher black unemployment rate than any month under Bush,” said Stockman. “Obama is also the only president in history to oversee 54 consecutive months of unemployment over 7.5 percent. Obama declared war on job creators and this is another month with confirmed kills.”

The Obama Failometer uses a fixed mathematical score to calculate four economic indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures from the monthly reports are weighted to provide a balanced total score, which ranges from zero to 1,000. A score of 0 represent economic stability and racial equality. The higher the score, the deeper the economic failure.

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