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Next Snowden? Former Top British Spy Might Expose Iraq War Disinfo

The former leader of one of Britain’s top spy organizations is threatening to expose the misinformation about “weapons of mass destruction” that former Prime Minister Tony Blair and ex-President George W. Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

by Daniel G. J., Story Leak:

If these reports are true, it could show exactly what Blair and Bush knew about the weapons and the lengths to which they may have gone to deceive the public.

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI-6, the agency of Her Majesty’s government that engages in espionage and intelligence gathering outside the United Kingdom, has written a report on what his agency actually knew about the weapons of mass destruction. British newspapers are speculating that the report will show that former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his spokesman Alistair Campbell knew claims that Saddam Hussein could attack British bases on the island of Cyprus with chemical weapons were false.

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1 comment to Next Snowden? Former Top British Spy Might Expose Iraq War Disinfo

  • Ed_B

    After all that has gone on, it would be fascinating to read what both Blair and Bush were thinking as the REAL reasons for invading Iraq. Not that Saddam’s departure from this world saddened anyone, but it would still be good to know the real reason why he was deposed. My bet is on him being part of a plan to eliminate the petro-dollar scheme.

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