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New World Order: ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ Issued in 1975

The old Declaration of Independence has been effectively thrown out. A new plan for world order is underway.

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

In 1975, as the United States of America approached 200 years as a nation, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia issued a bold declaration of the attempt to build a “new world order,” penned by Henry Steele Commager.

We call upon the American people, on the threshold of the third century of their national existence, it reads in part, urging the importance of state borders to fade as power to global structures grows.

This Declaration of Interdependence defiantly calls upon the American people to “bring forth a new nation and inaugurate a new era in human history” and strengthen and expand the United Nations “and its specialized agencies,” as well as other international authorities, and to recognize that no one nation can stand alone any longer.

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1 comment to New World Order: ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ Issued in 1975

  • Hugh Mann

    While I do agree with this article, I find it a bit hypocritical that one needs to be part of the social media scene (Discuss)to post a reply at Truthstreammedia. Perhaps they’ll change this soon. BTW, thanks for spreading the truth about the criminals in power!


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