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National Explosives Task Force: ‘Fireworks Are a Common Component Used In IEDs’

In a sick turn for the worst, our country has now been decimated to nothing as the globalists seek to ban fireworks in coming years.

by Shepard Ambellas, Intelli Hub:

When I was a kid the the world seemed like a totally different place than today. Not because I am older now and perceive the world around me in another way, but simply because times are changing. This is likely is no mystery as things have always changed throughout the history of the world.

However, what I am referring to is how our rights and basically just our own personal bubbles are being infringed on now daily by our very own government.

Take the 4th of July for example. When I was a kid we could light our own fireworks. In fact, my Dad would tell me stories of what the fireworks were like in his generation. Apparently you got a lot more bang for your buck back then. As a matter of fact, this goes for almost anything these days. Take a look at the postage stamp which started out costing one cent. I’m sure you have all heard similar stories from your parents or grand parents.

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