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More On the German Gold Situation: Some Light from Deutschland and Canada

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

Journalist Lars Schall was kind enough to forward this excerpt from one of his articles that is printed below.

I think it ‘frames up’ the situation with regard to the repatriation of Germany’s gold from the US very nicely.

How sovereign is Germany relative to the US? Indeed how sovereign are a number of the western nations vis-à-vis the Anglo-American establishment? The recent search for the elusive Snowden cast some light on the issue of sovereignty.

And as a corollary, how complacent and compliant are the western people to the Banks? Have the Banks quietly assumed the role of government, without proper accountability to the people?

Read More @ Jesse’s Café Américain:

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  • rich

    Granny’s Gold Bars Are Key to Vietnam Push to Boost Dong

    The target of Vietnam’s campaign to stabilize its currency is in the locked bedroom wardrobe of retired civil servant Vu Thi Huong: gold bars.

    “It’s been my habit for ages, buying gold whenever I can save up some money,” said Huong, 57, who watches the financial news every day to monitor the price of the precious metal. “With gold, I can save my fortune and later on have something valuable to pass down to my children and grandchildren.”

    Huong is among millions of Vietnamese who hold an estimated 300 tons to 400 tons of bullion to store their wealth — valued at as much as $19 billion at domestic prices and equal to official U.K. holdings — a legacy of more than a century of war, revolution and economic turbulence. The central bank wants to convert the hoard, much of it smuggled in, into dong deposits to strengthen the currency, which has slid 21 percent against the dollar in five years.

    Private gold holdings “reflect both the Vietnamese cultural values as well as the lack of confidence in the dong,” said Trinh Nguyen, Hong Kong-based economist at HSBC Holdings Plc. “High inflation and depreciation of the dong in the past have caused people to keep their savings in gold.”

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