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Mission Impossible

By Captain Hook, Gold Seek:

Ethan Hawk is not one to avoid danger, but he would never take this mission. He wouldn’t take it because it’s impossible. Because no matter how clever or how many gadgets he employs it won’t be enough. The job is too complex and formidable – too big even for the most optimistic of thinkers. What job am I talking about? Saving the human race. A mission to Mars. Getting the sociopaths in charge of ‘the system’ to do the right thing. Of course not. Only one of those things is possible. No, I am referring to saving our economy of course, because that’s what I write about; that and the financial markets. It’s the economy, and in turn, financial markets that are impossible, with most people either in denial about it or gaming them, or both – making the prognosis terminal.

And along this line then, in case you have not been following current events, things are unraveling rapidly around the world, which is becoming increasingly difficult to hide. This is certainly already the case in Europe; China’s manufacturing engine is only running on three cylinders; emerging market economies and markets are collapsing; and even though the status quo will never admit it, even the great US of A is crumbling from within, which will be evident to all sooner rather than later.

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