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Marc Faber: Inflation and discontent

by Jan Skoyles,

Today’s Best of the Web is an interview with Marc Faber, author of the Boom, Gloom, Doom report. Very rarely do we get to hear more than a couple of minutes of Dr Faber’s views, so I highly recommend you take some time out and enjoy this short video.

Faber covers a range of topics in the nine minute chat; he believes that with the huge disconnect between the financial markets and the real economy (the equivalent of global GDP is probably turned over every week in financial markets) we are due to see a huge correction which will not be pretty. As he says, he cannot see how derivatives will continue to ‘exist for the next 5,000 years’! (Of course, we all know what will – gold bullion bars!).

I found the most interesting part of the talk was towards the end when he talks about the US and inflation. As we can all tell, from our day-to-day lives, inflation is not what is always reported.

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