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Lincoln and the Surveillance State

by James E. Miller, Mises:

Jack Hunter, aka “Southern Avenger,” has been purged from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s staff. Given the outcry by the Beltway autocrats over his criticism of what’s known as the Civil War, the departure was expected. When the Gilded Class of D.C. has their fangs out, they are destined to get a bite.

In the lead-up to Hunter’s resignation, he was hammered on both sides of the mainstream political aisle for racism that supposedly filtered through his earlier work. The claim is highly dubious on its face. The erstwhile shock jock simply pointed out the total hypocrisy of certain cultural celebrations being praised while others are demonized. Just imagine the cries of racism if there existed a “white” history month, and you can see where Hunter was coming from. Reprehensible behavior this was not.

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