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Letter Re: The Most Important Preparedness

from Survival Blog:

Dear James,
Recently, a friend of mine just took his own life, leaving behind a wife and three young children. He loved to talk about being prepared and would spend hours reading survival blog. As far as “preparedness” goes, he seemed to be very prepared for TEOTWAWKI, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on guns, ammo, a bug out vehicle, all the medical and survival supplies you could think of, etc. He also had military training, martial arts training, and was an excellent marksman, if anyone was prepared, he seemed to be ready. However, in the end, he would take himself out, leaving his wife and three children, without a father, protector, or bread earner. I believe that while he was so focused on preparing for TEOTWAWKI, that he forgot to take care of himself and his family. I believe that instead of looking to God to be his protector and to take away his burdens, he looked to himself. Disillusioned, he turned to alcohol and marijuana for comfort, which lead to marital problems, depression, anxiety, and ultimately he chose to take himself out, rather than face his problems.

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1 comment to Letter Re: The Most Important Preparedness

  • Iguana One

    The guy in this article that offed himself was obviously a nut case.
    It’s as simple as that. What caused his nutty-ness? Read this first and then you can make the call. there’s no mystery. Some people are just destined to fail or die or both. No?

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