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JPMorgan is Capping Gold and Silver at $1,300 and $20

by David Schectman,

I had the cataract surgery on the second eye yesterday afternoon. It was a total success. If you are even thinking about this procedure, stop thinking and just get it done. It will set you free. I will give away all my reading glasses this weekend!

I am only going to give you a short letter today – but I tell you, I can see the computer screen clearly, without any glasses, with either eye. I no longer take “perfect” vision for granted. I know what it was like to need “assistance” since my mid-40s. As blues icon B. B. King says, “If it weren’t for the blues, you wouldn’t know you were happy.” And I say, “If it weren’t for cataract surgery, I wouldn’t know how thrilled I am to have 20/20 vision.”

In today’s newsletter, Dave from Denver pens a short piece on the dangers of derivatives, especially interest rate derivatives in the LeMetropole Café section.

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