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Israeli/Washington Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender

by Stephen Lendman,

The charade began Monday night. It did so over a traditional Iftar dinner. It’s the Ramadan period evening meal. It breaks the daily fast.

It was more like the last supper. According to Christian scripture, Christ shared his last meal with his Apostles. He did so before crucifixion.

Palestinians have been crucified for decades. They’re hung out to dry ruthlessly. New talks are worthless. They’re fake. They’re futile. They’re another round of duplicity, failure and betrayal.

Multiple previous efforts produced nothing. This time’s no different. Peace for our time won’t happen. Netanyahu won’t tolerate it. Nor will Washington.

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2 comments to Israeli/Washington Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender

  • What are you? Some sort of pro-palestinian nut? The Palestinians have ruthlessly attacked the Israeli’s with missile upon missile, killing innocent women and children. Where is your ire about that? You only get angry when the Israelis take out the missile launch sites that are hidden in family occupied areas. What are the Israelis supposed to do – roll over and die? It is people like you supporting terrorists like Hamas that gives them legitimacy. Do you remember the Hitler Holocaust? Why are you so anti-semitic? Are you a muslim or a nazi? The palestinians need to pack their tents, children, and bombs and go live in Syria or Lebanon. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your bigotry.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Palestinians deserve to be in the mess they are in. Their culture is so toxic to where Arab countries have washed their hands of them. In Lebanon, a Palestinian is not allowed to be an engineer, doctor nor lawyer.

    Americans have more pity for the Palies than for the natives their ancestors raped then displaced before naming cities and states after the tribes they massacred with reckless abandon.

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