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Is the Obama Admin Using Zimmerman Case to Federalize Local Police Forces?

from Off Grid Survival:

For almost 20 minutes, the President of the United States used the outcome of the Zimmerman trial to push an agenda that spits in the face of how this country was founded. During his speech, he used the verdict to push the notion that our country is somehow a racist nation that needs the federal government to fix the problem.

In one of the most shocking parts of his speech, in which there were many things said that made me drop my jaw, the President suggested that he was “bouncing around the idea” of using the federal government to retrain local police forces.

Goodbye to the Constitution and State Rights

While reporting on the riots and the violence over the last week, we have purposely stayed away from talking about the specifics of the case that supposedly started these riots. In my opinion, this case is only being used to incite people into actions that help the federal government further push their agenda, and we are not going to add fuel to that fire. That being said, we will talk about what’s going on from the perspective of our freedoms, our safety and our liberty.

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