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Is Cannabis Weed Oil a Miracle Drug?

from wearechange:

In this short documentary, Luke Rudkowski investigates medical cannabis oil use in Holland and the laws surrounding it. This video contains interviews with medical cannabis oil patients, a look into a manufacturer of cannabis oil and an exclusive interview with the 1st coffee shop owner in Holland the Pot Father.

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3 comments to Is Cannabis Weed Oil a Miracle Drug?

  • johns

    Is Cannabis Weed Oil a Miracle Drug?

    A better question for all……..

    Is BigPharma against it ????????

    If the answer is yes,….

    then it is worth looking into.

  • Sooz

    Johns, I LOVE your logic!

    For years I’ve heard that cannabis helps to alleviate pain and enhance appetite in people with debilitating illnesses like AIDS or who are undergoing chemo (which is barbaric). Most people don’t die of cancer; they die of cachexia, which is a form of starvation in which the cancer cells hog all the nutrition consumed by the patient so that the normal cells are starved. If a cancer patient’s appetite can be stimulated, this can be offset.

    Also, I read something about a year ago that cannabis may also have some serious anti-cancer properties. If that’s true, you may be certain that Big Pharma will do everything in their power to patent the molecule or otherwise prevent the ordinary person’s ability to make use of it for this purpose.

    The plant has been considered so valuable in the past that in the early years of the American colonies, a farmer who did NOT grow cannabis to harvest as hemp would be fined! Hemp was outlawed at about the time that DuPont developed nylon and wanted to make a profit from that. Not quite Big Pharma, but a similar industrial giant greedy for profits.

    There is a growing movement in this country not only to legalize medical marijuana but also to bring back the hemp industry, not just for rope but for other uses—such as fibers that make cloth for fine clothing.

    From the video, it would seem that hemp oil does not produce any appreciable high, so if it helps medical conditions, by all means, let’s use it.

  • Slvrizgold

    Has dozens of beneficial uses, not the least of which is it can stop cancer dead in its tracks.

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