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Holder: DOJ ‘Resolved’ to Combat Violence ‘Involving or Directed at Young People’

by Melanie Hunter, CNSnews:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday that the Justice Department is “resolved” to “combat violence involving or directed at young people,” announcing that it has opened an investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin as it said it would last spring.

“We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people, to prevent future tragedies and to deal with the underlying attitudes, mistaken beliefs and stereotypes that serve as the basis for these too common incidents. And we will never stop working to ensure that – in every case, in every circumstance, and in every community – justice must be done,” Holder said at an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the black sorority, Delta Sigma Theta in the nation’s capital.

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1 comment to Holder: DOJ ‘Resolved’ to Combat Violence ‘Involving or Directed at Young People’

  • monica

    you know, my first thought was “put a muzzle on it” but a second thought was, no…let the man speak, he digs his hole larger with each statement…i am being taught patience!
    hopefully mr holder will focus his attention on inner city chicago, where it appears many of our young are killing each other (with guns no less in a gun free area…how does that happen…maybe they got those guns from mexican gun runners?). he can begin there. it should keep him very busy, and my guess is, he will not make many friends as the people there don’t take their orders from pretty boys like him. good luck eric

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