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Hacker Exposes Email Addresses of 1,350 CFR Members

by George Orwell’s Ghost, TruthStream Media:

While wielding undue influence with immense power and a carefully-steered agenda, organizations like the CFR often claim to be accountable because they publish many discussions, print a periodical (Foreign Affairs magazine) and issue press releases. However, many of its meetings take place under Chatham House rules – where members are barred from discussing the proceedings with outsiders. Moreover, the real power of such clubhouses come from its network of high-ranking members. At its core, the Cecil Rhodes secret society directs its agenda, with major families including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers ensuring that its objectives are met.

The legitimate aims of the United States government – securing the rights of its people – are continually thwarted by such subversive organizations which supply members to high offices of the government (most often by appointment) and work against the Constitutionally prescribed functions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, frequently advocating ill-advised and unconstitutional policy, both abroad and at home.

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1 comment to Hacker Exposes Email Addresses of 1,350 CFR Members

  • B.M.

    Nice to hear this, but just the beginning of the exposure being turned the other way around. Never forget, the CFR is enemy number one against the American people, and free men and women across the globe.

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