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by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

News came out after the close of the market that JP Morgan is SELLING their physical commodity business: JP Morgan to Sell Commodities Business

This is great news for the timing of on the END of physical gold and silver manipulation. Given that the paper price and the physical price parted ways a few months ago (at least in large quantities) it is now time to end the con for good. As I said before, the Good Guys are trying to make it as painless a process as possible. By removing JP Morgan from the physical side and the fact that they have likely covered much of their COMEX short anyways, the Good Guys think that they can quietly back out of the manipulation game.


Keep an eye out for an unregulated, gov’t sponsored hedge fund like BlackRock to try and take over take the manipulation reigns. You cannot have a freely traded gold and silver market while you are running an unbacked fiat monetary system.

Very soon the chaos will come and JP Morgan will be right in the middle of it. Remember, they still have $69T in derivatives with $93B in gold derivatives and $17B in silver derivatives!

WAIT…given their total expose to both gold and silver it seems JP Morgan thinks the Silver/Gold ratio is more like 5-1!!!!

Also out today is a settlement between JPM and MF Global. JPM has agreed to pay MFG $160M as payola. After all it was JPM that sent them into the tailspin in the first place!

Looks to me like the events I talk about in this week’s Friday Road Trip are beginning to materialize already!

Stay safe out there cuz it’s gonna get a bit scary. May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

– Bix Weir

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20 comments to GUEST POST: JP Morgan ON THE RUN!

  • Andy

    Thanks for your Post Bix,
    I am deeply suspicious of any news coming out of JPM, I can’t see them just laying down and letting this cash cow run out of milk.
    As far as I can see the announcement is a little ambiguous and doesn’t say they are exiting the SLV ETF business.
    Maybe someone can clarify this. If they really are about to default on the SLV we can expect another attack on the paper price so they have to cash settle for the minimum possible amount. In my estimation if we see this hit then I might start to believe the end is near. Before anyone writes in and says they already had the hit and brought it down to $20.00 don’t forget these guys can bring it down to $0.00 if they wanted to.

    • NaySayer

      Even if this is true, and I agree that any press releases coming from JPMorgue is highly suspicious, it doesn’t mean somebody else won’t take up their manipulation chore.

      After all, it was Bear Stearns who had the position first and the Morgue only took it on after BS went under. IF the Morgue is getting out of the manipulation of metals business then somebody else may very well be undertaking it for the US govt.

      OR since they have been getting so much heat for the manipulations, maybe they have decided to spin it off to some subsidiary company and get Blythe off the prosecution track.

  • Mike

    Hey Bix…still waiting for the JPM computer algos to be turned off from 2011, Ron Paul nomination and election as president in 2012, along with the 2012 monetary crash, among other things. I will leave it at that.

  • 8Ball

    Yup, “Stay safe out there cuz it’s gonna get a bit scary.” Agreed, there are going to be a lot of “experts” out there telling you what might, maybe, should, could, would, (choose your own qualifier) happen. The truth is that it is mostly all guesswork and primarily some individual’s personal agenda to promote whatever it may be that they are SELLING.

    • Shana Hughes

      Yea, like overpriced Bix Weird rounds, minted by mulligan, the choice of scammers everywhere and don’t forget the newsletter.

  • Oh Bix, I just read on King World News that JPM got out of all commodities except for GLD & SLV. Why you have audience anymore after your predictions – Sarah Palin to be VP for Ron Paul???? You lost all credibility after that

  • Jeff

    I see Bix is playing with his imaginary friends again.

  • steelerdude

    I hope Bix has some real close friends, or a good wife, children that can grab a hold of him before he puts himself into a straight jacket with his predictions…

    Im being very sincere about this…his predictions are getting worse and worse, instead of better and better….

    Come on Bix, pull yourself together…

  • harman kardon

    I don’t run unless chased. JPM doesn’t run at all. They are protected by the federal government/reserve. They are not getting out of anything. Their statement clearly read they were holding on to their gold and silver positions and all the speculation by all the for pay letter writers means absolutely nothing. I like Bix and believe that his long term view and his Road to Roota theory has some basis in reality. But the other stuff…it is what it is.

  • frank

    Maybe its just a move from JPM to better position themselves moving forward in a gold bull market, by owning real gold for themselves but paying out accounts they can’t cover? Maybe it means nothing, maybe its big news? We wont know till later.

    As for Bix, if you read all his stuff, a lot of it makes sense in a logical manner, but it still remains specualtion. Does he have circumstantial support about a his road to roota theory, i think so. But where things fall short is when Bix begins to place names and motives behind theories and events to justify what he beleives.

    Personally, I don’t beleive in the good guys vs bad guys. If the good plan is to screw savers and reward the reckless greedy folks with free stuff like houses etc, then they are not good guys.

    Will amaerka screw the world to save themselves…yes, will they destroy the dollar and move to a gold baakced currency which will seriously piss off China and others, yes…what will happen domestically? i don’t know, but screwing the world and screwing your own population are two different things. Fighting an invasion, and fighting massive riots at home are two seperate things.

    I’ve come to the point where I beleive everything is all tied together, even the obama consiracy. I beleive everything will hit the fan all at the same time, so in the mean time what do i do? I buy, I position myself for what I beleive the eventual move will be. that is a move to some kind of gold backed currency. As for mining stock, I would rather own the apple trees, than just the apples.

  • Dan C

    I think Bix needs to call Roto-Rooter to put a plunger to his Road to Roota theories as they have been and are not flowing properly.

  • dog boy

    Remember that the rothschilds own almost half of all the gold, so they can still control the market foe gold

    This is not true for silver which is in short supply

    ALSO… silver is prized for it’s ability to kill disease, both actual & literal, which is what these psychopaths amount to in regards to the human race

    I like Bix… he’s a GOOD man… and remember guys… predictions are a hard game to master… an far no one is truely batting 1000 on prognostication

    Every clue is ammo for your family’s survival

    When it comes to buying silver “Don’t stop till you drop”

    The future belongs to US

  • Hi Friends-

    I gave up on chat boards years ago but Sean asked me comment so here my thoughts. Chat boards are tough for various reasons. First it is too easy for the Bad Guys to post and steer people the wrong way. One of my contact found out that JPM has 30 full time disnfo trolls monitoring the financial website chat boards to steer people and disrupt honest information exchanges. Don’t know if it’s true but from my experience I’d say it’s spot on….so welcome trolls!

    I also find it very hard to explain 13 years of researching this stuff to a handful of interested people only to get the same questions and issues an hour later in a different chat room and have to start from the beginning. I’d be happy to discuss the validity of the Road to Roota Theory in an interview with Sean if you ever want to. The biggest problem it seems is that just because I say the Good Guys are trying to do something does not mean they will be successful. Cases in point…all the close misses (Ron Paul, 2008 crash, Sarah Palin, etc) all of which I predicted BEFORE there was much talk of them at all. All were planned and came closer than anyone thought yet it hasn’t fully worked yet. The take down of JPM may be the same…close but no cigar but it’s what the Good Guys are shooting for.

    I have been down the chat board battles here and it’s exhausting and time consuming but I’ll leave you with this…

    If any of you would like to have an honest debate about my work let’s have Sean set a phone interview up and I’ll defend my work while you try to knock it down. After all, who better to defend the Road to Roota Theory than me?

    All the best my friends and…

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.


  • FR10

    Wow! They scrapped HAARP, CIA finally decides to try geoengineering, and Morgan is out of Phys. silver business, and Bin Laden’s AK is on display at the CIA museum. I also heard they found skeletal remains of Humpty Dumpty.

  • frank


    I have read most if not all your documents that you use to support the road to roota theory. Are you aware that you are not the original creator of the roota theory? I can understand and believe if you think you are, but you should research the theory a little more. There are many individuals outside of the western world that have always suspected and put forth their beilf that the US was using others nations resources to preserve their own, and once the “outside” resources were exhausted, they woiuld abandon the dollar, abandon those nations and become a fortress independant of external resources.

    Also, I fully accept the theory that the road to roota puts forth. Basically, we will end up dumping useless dollars and switch to a gold backed currency once we have pushed it as far as we could. The only thing I disagree with, is when you place names or motives when discussing the theory. Do you honestly beleive that Nazi Pelosi is one of the good guys? There are no good guys Bix. If the plan has been to screw the world, its not a good plan and the people doing it are not good guys.

    Also, please consider how porrly thought out this plan would be, if the “trumps” of the world who are millions in debt, get to keep all they supposedly own, and the people renting homes, with zero debt, get nothing. Debt forgivness on an international level may work, but on a domestic level …not so much…why would you get to keep all the gold you bought with your unpaid credit card, but the bank gets screwed the cash you owe it? Why would I get to keep the five rental units I still pay a mortgage on, screw the bank, but my renters still have to pay rent.

    Paying things off in devalued dollars is one thing, if that is what you mean by debt forgivness, but i have a sneaky suspicion that TPTB have studied history and have something prepared to ensure not just their survival but their dominance as well.

    You’re a good guy Bix, and a smart one, I hope you continue your work…maybe you will be proven right, or at least close enough 😛 Good luck!

  • Jeff

    How presumptuous. A dozen or so well-informed like-minded, regular contributors to this fine site, question the validity of some grossly missed calls by an outspoken “expert” in this movement and we are lumped in with the “30 full time disnfo trolls” supposedly working for JPM as purported by yet another unnamed “contact”. That’s just great.

    As for me, I come here looking for truth in a sea of lies not wildly concocted fairy tales of one individuals personal fantasy. Sean I appreciate your very excellent work. There are few interviewers that commit the level of personal engagement to these issues like you do and you have a unique ability to persuade your guests to open up just a little more than anybody else I listen to, and I listen to hours of interviews a week. Please help keep us focused on the non-fiction side of the library here and recognize that when a tree bears no edible fruit it’s best move to another.

  • Slvrizgold

    I don’t think Bix was insinuating this board has a lot of trolls. For one thing it’s pretty tight knit here and people are well informed in this sector of the universe. But trolls do exist and they are there. It’s not just JPM types on financial boards, it’s DHS types on other sites. Go to a site talking about the Sickcare Industry and watch all the trolls pop out to extol the virtues of Big Pharma and Big Food. Or go to Yahoo and look at the posts for gold and silver mining company boards. It’s not even worth the time to post there, it will be drowned out in a sea of nonsense. I think Bix knows we were just giving him a good razzing for his ridiculous predictions, how could we not. LOL IMO, we are going to go back to gold, but this stuff about good guys seems like malarky. Alan Greenspan a good guy, he’s the gold bug Trojan Horse in shining armor? I am seriously LMAO just thinking about this stuff. How about Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader? Maybe Janet Yellen will be the good guy LOL. Is Janet Napolitano going to be a “good guy” at UCal? No, she’s going to be strapping on. LOL

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