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Government Report: TSA Corruption, Misconduct Soaring

Up 26% in three years; no consistency in disciplining thieves, molesters, and those neglecting security

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

A report out of the Government Accountability Office shows that TSA employee misconduct is rapidly rising, with a 26% spike in reported incidents over the past three years.

The report detailed instances of theft, sleeping on the job, leaving work without permission, and allowing friends and family members to bypass security screening procedures, to name but a few.

The report states that there have been close to ten thousand discovered cases of misconduct since 2010, 1,900 of which were classified as security threats.

When you consider that There are around 55,000 employees, these figures are appalling.

The report notes that almost one-third of allegations made against TSA employees over the three year period were concerned with poor attendance and leave issues, as well as lateness. The report also found 426 cases of neglect of duty.

The GAO document also notes that 56 TSA agents have been caught stealing significant amounts of money from baggage, totaling thousands of dollars. In one incident in 2011, a screener at Orlando (Fla.) International Airport stole over 80 laptops and other electronic devices valued at $80,000.

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