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Gold’s Bounce Short-lived

from KitcoNews:

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2 comments to Gold’s Bounce Short-lived

  • Frank Zak

    Kitco is great. They give all sides of
    the story. If you read their news articles
    you can come away with a lot of knowledge
    on the precious metals.

    As a 40 year trader in commodities I can see the
    problem this new generation is having. And,
    you people have now figured it out.

    You can’t buy and hold anything. You must take
    profits as your bet moves up.

    You must dollar cost average in and out.

    If you people had done this with silver,
    you would have made some money and kept
    some silver also. You would all be happy
    now. After all, silver went from $8 to $49.

    You did make the right bet.

    But, buy physical gold American Buffalos
    24kt gold next time in shrink wrap of
    the mint. Its $28 between buy and sell
    at your coin shop 1 oz.

    You can buy in and sell some when it goes up.

    Silver eagles are way too expensive, you
    cannot get in and out of them.

    The odds are stacked against you mathematically.

    Gold is the answer to cost averaging in and out
    with extremely low buy sell cost.

  • Slvrizgold

    FZ, another post I have to take issue with from you. Silver Eagles are too expensive, but instead we should buy $1300 Gold Buffalos because the buy/sell spread is “only” $28?!? No thanks, I’ll take 63 ozs of silver before 1 oz of gold all day long. Silver mine supply 700M ozs a year. Gold mine supply 85M ozs a year. All the gold ever mined – STILL THERE. Most of the silver ever mined – GONE. Gold $1200-1300. Silver $19-20. Think about it… And silver is actually crucially useful for about everything.

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