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by william simmons, Silver-coin-investor:

Because gold and silver are priced in US dollars its logical to conclude that the price of gold will decrease as the value of the dollar increases.As the dollar decreases in value the price of gold will become more expensive.The value of the dollar is measured against a basket of the worlds most inflential currencies called the US dollar index.Over the years traders could watch this index and trade gold and silver accordingly.Although writers still frequently refer to the US dollar index for explanations as to why gold and silver have advanced or decined on a particular day,i question if this trading tool is at all relevant today.Governments around the world are printing money like there is no tomorrow and as a result the value of currencies are being debased.So now the value of the us dollar as measured by the index can simply mean that the dollar is rising because other countries are printing money or the US is printing at a slower rate than the others but debasing still the same.

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