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Gold and Annunaki Secret History (Michael Tellinger)

by C2CAM Radio, via The Victory Report:

The story of Annunaki gold mining on earth comes to life on Coast to Coast AM. Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed they mysterious Anunnaki as well as evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin’s revolutionary work showing that these ET beings created us using pieces of their own DNA, in order to mine gold on Earth for them.

NOTE: Michael Tellinger begins around 38:30.

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4 comments to Gold and Annunaki Secret History (Michael Tellinger)

  • Glitter 1

    Listened to this for a couple of hours out of curiosity.It sounded like a live narration of Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine” to include the(“New Age”)philosophy of Alice & Foster Bailey’s Lucis Trust connected with the UN.That all of man’s religions are connected and have the same ancient origins.”We all worship the same god” false narrative.He and others (Mis)quote the Bible,using bits and pieces,taken out of context,trying to prove/confirm their theories.If Mr Tellinger wishes to learn of man’s origin and the reason for it,he should just read the whole scripture,believe it by faith,ask God to reveal it’s truth and mysteries and he will have answers to his questions.

  • Suzanne

    1. Love the Celente interview.
    2. If you think you’ve gotten into some of these oddball parasitic or bacterial infections that are going around… consider hitting the local feed store for some food grade diatomaceous earth… put 1 tbsp. with that with 1 tbsp. of plain psyllium from the health food store into juice… drink that before bedtime and then again an hour before breakfast… it’ll clear out any intestinal funk. Cheap too.
    3. It isn’t just one alien race that’s seeded their DNA here on Earth… there were some 24-25 races involved. If you can, hit the and listen to Drake Bailey’s shows with Sunfire and Tanaath (they are alien incarnates that interface with higher dimensional aliens – not channeling).

  • Jeff

    Silly stuff. Not really. When I read Sit hins work it kind of hit home and made sense that this theory made complete sense. I have seen countless documentaries with anthropologists and archeologists stating they just can’t understand the split between the Neanerthals and Cro Magnons. They believe they existed at the same time in history but just can’t figure out why. Where’s that missing link. Evolution just doesn’t happen that fast.

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