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Fukushima hero died of cancer

from RTAmerica:

This week – we learned that the manager of Japan’s crippled Fukishima nuclear plant – Masao Yoshida – died from cancer, his illnesses reportedly had nothing to do with the radiation levels at the Fukushima plant that he worked in around the clock alongside a group of men referred to as the “Fukushima Fifty” trying to contain the nuclear crisis in the days and months following the eathquake and tsunami.

But – although Mr. Yoshida’s cancer can’t be traced back to Fukushima – how many others in Japan may contract cancer in the future that CAN be traced back to Fukushima? On Tuesday – radioactive contamination of groundwater at the plant surged to levels 90-times greater than they were just three days ago, so what effect is the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis having in Japan – and what lessons should we be learning in the United States? Kevin Kamps, the radioactive waste watchdog at Beyond Nuclear joins us to answer these questions.

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2 comments to Fukushima hero died of cancer

  • Slvrizgold

    Yeah, the cancer had nothing to do with any radiation. I’d LMAO if it wasn’t so repugnant.

  • Glitter 1

    Kevin states the enormity/severity of the damage the best I’ve heard from any article/interview so far.As I’ve stated here several times with regards to the extent of damage and the time it will take to get on top of the recovery in terms of decades/generations.I retired from that oldest running reactor in NJ after 30+ years.I understand the issues being encountered at Fukushima all to well,it’s a nightmare of biblical proportions.There is no quick fix or solution.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,this situation is the single worse disaster in world history and should be supported by every nation to get it secured or the consequences could become unthinkable.
    It would be helpful if the type of cancer was made known.

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