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Fox News Covers Car Hacking Conspiracy

from Mark Dice:

Fox News covers car hacking but instead of mentioning the NSA using the technique to murder Michael Hastings, they say “Al Qaeda” may do it to Americans on the freeway.

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4 comments to Fox News Covers Car Hacking Conspiracy

  • Jonathan

    Obviously the NSA was monitoring the internet and found the truth was getting out about Hastings and this is their counter-strategy

  • Jonathan

    Maybe Fox news is giving us a hint here. If the CIA is running Al Queda and Hastings was on to a big story about the CIA why wouldn’t Al Queda kill Hastings they’re CIA operatives aren’t they?

    • Praxis

      This is an obvious representation of the circling motion apparent as a fluid swirls down a drain. Causation, reaction, re-reaction, re-re-reaction.. etc.

      I’m sure we all know, causation was kicked off when agriculture became a fundamental tenet of human civilization. (aherm, Bible laid it out pretty clearly and I’m not a big fan of the book) It’s been circling for a long time.

    • SGT

      Only people ho are awake and informed can connect those dots (or “clues”), unfortunately.

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