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Egypt, Domestic Fauxbama Tyranny, Lies & Lazy, Vapid People

from AmericasVoiceNow:

Yes… I’m pretty disgusted this morning… We seem to be oblivious to the danger and happy to just close our eyes while the wolves close in….

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5 comments to Egypt, Domestic Fauxbama Tyranny, Lies & Lazy, Vapid People

  • mac

    Feminism really dumbed down the usa. Political Correctness destroyed Truth in favor of protecting feelings. Gender Feminists seized the movement and attack men – blame them for everything- this is a divide and rule tactic, cuz, you see, Feminism was a cia op (Gloria Steinem was cia with Ms Mag – yes u were all set up!) , a cia op to divide and rule ameica. Now homosexuality is promoted to further destroy the culture of family and mariage, and to take out the men. A homo country while Russia bans gay rallies.
    Wonder why nobody can do squat? Sometimes women have too much influence and they do not like any negatives, so no complaining around them. The slave state arises…and hey, does the gay respecting Pres have a birth certificate yet…duh! to all of you….

  • Eric

    Whatever happened to that stop commerce thing on July 4th? Good show, but if the sheep can’t pull their head out of the sand long enough to see the grinder in front of them, then we’re ALL done for. God help em. They’re just not that bright.

    The criminals in office are Public Servants!!! All they need is your silent obedient consent!!! When the boot is on your neck (literally) for buying cookie dough and bottled water, hopefully you will realize you lost you soul already and you are SLAVES!!, but I doubt it.

    There are NO men left!

    Pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor in mutual trust or be Slaves!

    Get Organized already!!

  • Bob

    Excellent and justified rant–righteous indignation regarding the state of our republic. I must say, some of the absolute best radio I’ve heard in a long time.

    Mike you deserve a national audience. Got podcas…?

    Keep up the very great work!

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The American people are medicated into apathy seven ways to Sunday.

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