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Dr. Copper Flashing Red Alert

from Gold Silver Worlds:

The first red flag of 2013 was undoubtedly the spectactular gold and silver price drop starting April 12th. The ferocity and speed of the price decline were beyond any measure of what could be described as “normal”; we all remember the calculations which showed 6 standard deviations of the price decline (an event that statistically would occur once every 2 million years).

We have written repeatedly that our core assumption was the precious metals crash was the first sign of a bigger economic or monetary event to come. In fact, in our co-authored piece “2013 – Start of Seismic Shifts in Money, Metals, Markets” we made the following statement: “At this point, we have enough confirmation to accept that the gold and silver crash was the first shot across the board of what is to come.”

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  • Ed_B

    “We hate to say it, but we are obliged do so (in order to bring facts and figures in an unbiased way): all this does not bode well for precious metals prices. The nice run up in July seems to slow down. If the above events are the start of a new mid term trend (sort of a deflationary wave), then one should logically expect lower precious metals prices in the short to mid-term.

    Long term, we remain convinced of the values of PHYSICAL precious metals, outside the banking system, no matter what the price is doing short term.”

    I find myself in agreement with the conclusions of this article. Another way to look at the current gold and silver prices, though, would be to see this as a acquisition period with some volatility. If we do this, then it is clear that we should be buying frequently but in relatively small amounts, such that we gain good positions in gold and silver over time, rather than leaping into an apparent bottom with relatively few but large purchases. Many of us tend to buy monthly or whenever we have some extra cash and that’s fine. It allows us to dollar cost average our purchases and perhaps end up with more ounces at lower cost. If gold and silver do manage to escape the current manipulation scheme and come into true price discovery, all who own them will become rewarded for their patience and foresight.

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