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Doug Casey: You MUST get some assets outside of the United States

from Future Money Trends:

In this exclusive interview with Future Money Trends at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, NV, Legendary resource investor and the head of Casey Research Doug Casey drops some major bombshells about the future of the United States and its citizens.

“You MUST get assets outside the U.S., because this place is on the edge of possible chaos. It seems like the perfect storm,” says Casey.

Never one to mince words about centralized government criminality, Casey says, “You’ve got to look elsewhere where you’re not considered the property of some other government. If you’re a U.S. citizen, they consider you property. You’re a milk cow, and if they need a beef cow, you’ll become a beef cow. So you must establish a ‘crib’ outside your home country. Absolutely if that’s the U.S.”

Casey also touches on the precious metals mining sector where despite the blood-letting in recent years, “This is the opportunity to make a fortune,” according to Casey.

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10 comments to Doug Casey: You MUST get some assets outside of the United States

  • Eric

    There is this too…

     Been hearing this for a while.  I wouldn’t count on it, but I do think it’s legit.  Prepare accordingly.

    • Ed_B

      It would be wise not to count on this. Like most people, I see a lot of good things listed on this web site but also some really off the wall things. As an open-minded person, I accept that what they say could happen. My question is, “Will it?”. Unfortunately, the odds look awfully long. I fully expect an awakening of religious consciousness in humanity at some point but cannot say that it will be “soon”. It is also possible that a really hideous period of time will come upon us all before any awakening, so prepping for some VERY hard times seems wise.

      • Eric

        Ed- I completely agree. It all comes down to trust. I have friends and family that i know would never do anything to harm me intentionally but i still dont trust any of them completely. The only person I know I can trust 100% is myself. Everyone would be wise to keep an open mind but critical thinking skills are definitely required in this day and age.

        • NaySayer

          If someone is hungry enough they will harm you for food or air etc. This is simply the nature of the human animal’s quest to stay alive.

          • Eric

            One thing I’ve learned is your body doesn’t need as much food as we were lead to believe. Most of it doesn’t have any nutrition in it anyways and is just GMO garbage which is why everyone is fat and sick. They are always hungry because the body doesnt get the nutrients it needs, and everyone confuses thirst for hunger. I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to but I did notice it’s starting to look like the people of walmart everywhere you go.

            I do drink a lot of pure reverse osmosis water and take vitamins and supplements with a few bites a day and i never feel too hungry. Water is key. 3 square meals a day is not required at all. Good to break a sweat and get the toxins out that way too.

            But hey, if people want to eat trash then starve and lose it, I’m ready for it.

            • NaySayer

              Some people fear hunger. Most of us women know hunger, at least if you are the type who has ever dieted. I once didn’t eat anything for 10 days because I wanted to see what the hype was about when people talked about how great fasting was. It was okay. You stop feeling hungry after a couple of days, you have to drink lots of water and you do feel weak. Under more stressful conditions I think it would be a lot less okay, especially if you were forced to do a lot of physical activity like fleeing for your life.

              I’ve dieted and lived on severely restricted calories for months at a time so I know hunger and I don’t fear it. Those who have never really lived with it might be really freaked out by the possibility though.

  • NaySayer

    While I think that Casey is correct that if you have the ability to do so it is good to get some assets out of the country, I also think he is talking about really rich people and not the average person just getting by.

    If this collapse is global (probably will be) what makes him think that us gringos are going to be welcome somewhere else? How easy would it be for the locals to decide WE caused the problem (at least our government did) and decide to take what we have? Are you really safer outside the U.S. or would you be safer in certain parts of the U.S.???

    • Jayber

      I agree. Lots of people talk about this, but I’ve yet to meet one person who did this who didn’t have a significant nest egg. The reality for most people in the U.S. is that if you don’t have some kind of ties to a foreign country, you’re stuck unless you can find a company to work for with overseas branch offices.

      Also, I’m in the camp that you would be safer here. You know the culture. You are biologically adapted for where you live. You are familiar with the language and culture, know the lay of the land and are generally able to hold onto your firearms. And, of course, set up caches if you feel they would be necessary or useful.

      For example, I could probably move to the Orient. But, I know I’d have to be careful with the food and water; that I’d have language problems depending on where I found myself in my country of choice; I would always stick out like a sore thumb; and, know I’d be a target for crimnals (based on personal experience and the testimony of others). Still, I’d like to move there if I could secure a source of income–the country is really turning itself around in the corruption arena.

    • Eric

      Good to have options and be mobile.

  • aa

    Good point naysayer. I keep thinking what will stop the new world order from rolling up to all these “safe haven” vaults with tanks and machine guns and confiscating the contents at gun point. Intimidation and Political arm twisting could do the job too.

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