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Death By A Thousand Cuts

by Augureye,

We are bleeding to death here little by little, a bit more each day. Every day we come closer still to succumbing to death by a thousand cuts in this place we allowed to become a prison planet with a captive population. The chaos, confusion and cognitive dissonance we are all experiencing is intentional. It is a design feature of the ‘master plan’ as some call it…the plan to subjugate humanity forever below the threshold of evolution. Those who claim to still not see “it” have intentionally blinded themselves to the truth to preserve a belief system they still depend upon despite it’s ongoing collapse. They will defend the glory of that belief system, and those who programmed it into them…to the death. Time to disengage from those dear souls before you cannot, and end up sharing their particular destiny with them.

We are knee deep in the thick, muddy morass of 4th dimensional timespace just now, which is a great opportunity to dump the dead weight you won’t be needing for the rest of the trip. Remember, neither the balloon nor submarine may rise until they cast off dead weight; that’s what it’s there for~ therefore, thank it, bless it and have done with it, if it no longer serves or supports you ongoing spiritual sojourn.

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