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Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard: Sen. Rand Paul

from KitcoNews:

Kitco News caught up with Senator Rand Paul on the sidelines of FreedomFest in Las Vegas to discuss the gold standard. His father, former member of the US House of Representative Dr. Ron Paul, has been known to advocate a return to a gold standard and Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone asked Sen. Rand Paul if he would carry the torch. The senator thinks a commission would be needed to study whether a gold standard is feasible. Paul aims at bolstering the US dollar and he thinks the issue of QE needs to be addressed. “Bernanke has been expanding the money supply exponentially and it is leading to an illusion,” Paul said. This illusion led to the recession we are in now, Paul added. WATCH NOW to hear his take on the US economy and the gold standard.

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1 comment to Commission Needed to Reconsider Gold Standard: Sen. Rand Paul

  • andrew james

    Whether we have a Gold standard or not the big mistake is letting private banks issue the currency. There might not be a problem at all if the money supply was inflated to pay for and build infrastructure that the nation was in need of. Instead the commissions for currency creation the profits if you will go to private banks.

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