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Clarification of William Kaye re: German / US gold in Hong Kong refineries?

by Lars Schall,

You may have heard about William Kaye’s assertion that Western central bank gold is being recast for purchase in Asia. The recent statements of the Fund Manager on King World News are making quite a circuit. However, when asked about it in order to investigate the matter, Mr. Kaye had to say a few things to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. (Deutsche Übersetzung für Mitglieder)

William Kaye is the Founder, Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Director of the Pacific Alliance Group of Companies in Hong Kong. In January 2013, Kaye said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg that he planed to take delivery of $35 million worth of gold bars that can be traded on the London Bullion Market Association and other international markets. It has secured vault space at Hong Kong International Airport to store the gold, he said.

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1 comment to Clarification of William Kaye re: German / US gold in Hong Kong refineries?

  • Jeff

    This guy Keye is a liar. I listened closely to the KWN interview last week and thought it was sensationalism and in this latest interview he completely contradicts himself and back-paddled. What he is saying might in fact be accurate but he is still speculating which he did not make clear during the KWN interview.

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