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Chris Christie Calls Libertarianism a “Dangerous Thought”

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

As anyone paying attention has noticed in the past couple of years, Chris Christie simply represents more of the same within the political establishment ruining America, albeit within a more generous physical frame. If we were unfortunate enough to elect him President he would behave exactly like Barack Obama and George W. Bush before him. This isn’t just conjecture, he straight up says it.

What is so interesting and offensive about his comments about libertarians, is not just the base manner in which he demonizes them for engaging in “intellectual debates,” but he is  clearly positioning himself against his primary Republican competitor in 2016, Rand Paul.

I don’t want to make this a Chris Christie versus Rand Paul article, since I’m still concerned Rand is more of a politician than a statesman compared to his dad, but lines are clearly being drawn within the GOP as well as within the Democratic party. So here are some of the more inane comments by Christie. From Politico:

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1 comment to Chris Christie Calls Libertarianism a “Dangerous Thought”

  • Blounttruth

    Libertarianism is a threat, a threat to the hierarchy of the banking cartel of whom Christie is subservient. Anyone that presents Constitutional ideals that have not been bastardized by the “legal” system of today are terrorists, which shows that those interested in seeing the Constitution destroyed are power hungry and cannot forward their agenda without destroying governmental restrictions provided by article 1 section 8.

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