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Catholic Bishop: Supreme Court ‘Giving Legal Protection to an Intrinsic Evil’

by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSnews:

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Ill., says the U.S. Supreme Court is giving “legal protection to intrinsic evil” in its decisions late last month that advanced the cause of legalized same-sex “marriage” in the United States.

“As in the case of Roe v. Wade striking down abortion laws forty years ago, the United States Supreme Court has again usurped its legitimate prerogative through a raw exercise of judicial power by giving legal protection to an intrinsic evil, this time by striking down the Defense of Marriage Act in the case of U.S. v. Windsor and in refusing to take up the defense of Proposition 8 in California in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry.

“These hollow decisions are absolutely devoid of moral authority,” said the bishop. “It is becoming increasingly and abundantly clear that what secular law now calls “marriage” has no semblance to the sacred institution of Holy Matrimony. People of faith are called to reject the redefinition of marriage and bear witness to the truth of Holy Matrimony as a lasting, loving and life-giving union between one man and one woman.”

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7 comments to Catholic Bishop: Supreme Court ‘Giving Legal Protection to an Intrinsic Evil’

  • cory

    Gay marriage is far from as evil as religion. When was the last time “the gays” got together and launched an inquisition?

    What does this guy care? He should just try and stay away from the alter boys…live and let live.

    • Captison

      Actually, homosexuality and religion are both evil. Because of religion, we continue to fail to see that God is the only real authority, and it is He who defines marriage, not man.

      • ch

        Religion is not evil! God created it. Don’t believe me, Go read the first 5 books of the Bible. He created it and planned it out to its last detail. Once you see that obvious truth then ask yourself If God screwed up. I can assure you He didn’t.

        • Captison

          God had relationship in mind. Man created religions instead.

          Here’s a simple way to look at it:
          Religion is man’s plan for salvation and perceived conditional love through ritual.
          Christianity is God’s gift of salvation and unconditional love through relationship.

          Obviously, I do not consider Christianity to be a religion.

  • ch

    Great article, Unfortunately we may have to be martyred in the streets just like the early christians were. Did you know now that gay marriage is the law of the land in France that they are now taking the words “mother” and “father” out all legal documents and replacing them with the word “parents”! The family is being destroyed and you better believe there is an evil force behind it.

  • Stefan B.

    When the Catholic church talks about morals & evil, it’s almost as if they forget about their long, storied history of fucking small children up the ass, and lying about it.

  • jeff

    Government has no business in marriage to begin with. How is it that you need a license (i.e., permission from your owner) to get married? People should think about what marriage is in the first place.

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