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Catastrophic Economic Outlook

from crabbydogtrix:

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2 comments to Catastrophic Economic Outlook

  • Iguana One

    First of all I’m finding it ever increasingly difficult to process the quotients of the equations asks here on SGT report to access the comment section. Just kidding.

    Our economy is going to blow up. But not for a few years yet. This Ponzi is so manipulated that it can and will go on for quite some time. My sources are also very good. I think that it’s the “confidence” that we still enjoy here in America concerning our dollar. The dollar won’t die easy.

    • FR10

      Iguana-I’m waiting for the dollar to hit $88 on the USDX. I have a retracement line there just waiting to ring the bell.
      I think the lies and the lead will keep it alive a while like you say.
      BTW, I’m having a heck of a time with those access math problems too…

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